Increasing likes of vaping among celebs Increasing likes of vaping among celebs

Have you ever wondered why the glam kings and queens of Hollywood are often seen vaping away? Is it just because it’s the latest fashion trend, or perhaps because these celebrity vapers actually vape in order to take better care of themselves? Actually, it is both.

By now, most celebrities have switched to vaping e-cigarettes to kick their long-standing smoking habits. They don't want to be caught smoking an analog cigarette on camera anymore. However, they don’t mind being seen with their Vaping Mods. Celebrities are definitely trendsetters. It's no wonder that e-cigarettes and celebrity vaping have been trending big-time!

Recently, many celebrities have been spotted flaunting their Vaping Mods almost everywhere a paparazzi can snap a photo. Most of them use the most technologically advanced Personal Vaporizers or Vaping Mods.

Katherine Heigl can usually be found in public, being nothing but fashionable, with her vaping mod. In 2013, she even convinced David Letterman try one of her e-cigs on his late night talk show.

Leonardo Di Caprio, who tried it for the first time during a British Film Award show, is an avid vaper now, and he apparently doesn't mind flaunting it. At the recent Golden Globes, Leonardo Di Caprio and Julia Louis Dreyfus were seen vaping e-cigs.

Robert Pattinson, the British Twilight star has been spotted vaping. John Cusack is another celebrity who has taken up vaping in order to help him quit smoking.

Paris Hilton, who can’t be seen with anything less than fashionable, was seen vaping, so vaping is nothing less than a cool thing! Britney spears switched to vaping because she didn’t want to smoke in front of her kids.

Johnny Depp has vaped on screen in the movie ‘The Tourist’, and he even explains to Angelina Jolie that his vaping mod is not a cigarette, but an electronic one that use nicotine and produces water vapor, not smoke.

Jack Nicholson, Lilly Allen, Simon Cowell, Lady Gaga, Whoopi Goldberg, Catherine Zeta Jones, Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan, Sean Penn, Samuel L Jackson, John Cusack, Jessica Alba, Courtney Love, Michelle Rodriguez and Kate Moss are other celebs who have made their switch to vaping.

There are many celebrities who also endorse various E-cig brands. For instance, actors like Stephen Dorff and Jenny McCarthy endorse Blu Cigs brand. Snoop Dogg (now Snoop Lion) endorses G-Pen it even has his name right on the box! The e-cigarette company NJOY has found a new investor in Musician Bruno Mars. Katy Perry was seen vaping an e-Go style e-cig on Labor Day. Charlie Sheen, a long-standing smoker switched to vaping, and has his own brand Nicosheen.

The news that many of the celebrities are using e-cigarettes in public is a boost to the vaping community. In the past few years, the number of e-cigarette users is increasing.

There are various reasons our celebrities as well, are switching to vaping. The prime reason being the issue of health. They started Vaping to help them stop smoking. Celebrities are constantly having to take care of their style and skin. They were smoking to get relief from stress, but smoking affected their complexion, skin tone, breath, and even hair. By switching to vaping, they no longer have to worry about extra wrinkles, dry hair, or yellow teeth.

Vaping is absolutely not a case of "faking the real thing," because vaping is much better than smoking. It is a cooler and healthier alternative to your analog cigarette. With just five ingredients (most of the ingredients are of food grade), along with a choice of nicotine strength, e-cigs are a much healthier alternative.

An e-cig allows you to choose from zero nicotine to 24mg nicotine. E- Cigarettes don’t produce harmful toxins or horrendous smells like traditional cigarettes do.

Smoking has a lot of side effects like gum disease, bad breath, hair loss, sagging skin, not to mention cancer. It’s no wonder that analog cigs are called cancer- sticks.

Another benefit is e-cigarettes cost less than traditional cigarettes. Except for the initial cost of the vaping mod, it's much cheaper than traditional cigarettes in the long run. A big smile from knowing you'll be sitting on a thicker wallet is something you can bank on!

With e-cigs trending, and being less harmful and less expensive, why not try it and quit smoking? If you want to be choosy, try the high quality Vaping Mods, Personal Vaporizers, and e-cig juice flavors at Vapingzone. At Vaping zone, we have the best deals for you!