How to Build Vape Coils

How To Build Vape Coils
How To Build Vape Coils

 “How To Build Vape Coil”- Exciting topics for all the advanced vapers? There are two types of vapers in the world – one who vape using only authentic, ready-made vaping instruments and the other, the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) types, who like to custom-make their own vaping gadgets and E-liquids.

Whether you are a DIY type or someone who wants to play it safe, here is a chance for you to learn vape coil building for adding some extra coolness to your vaping gadget.

We, at VapingZone, want to make an extra effort to make your vaping experience even more interesting and exciting. We believe that vaping is part science, part art! All you need is a tutor to get the combination right to discover something incredible.

So, the question is – How to build vape coils? It is easy to build vape coil, but let’s first try to understand the science behind it and then be creative and explore the ‘art’ part of it!

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What Are Vape Coils?

  • The term ‘vape coil’ is sometimes interchangeably used for ‘atomizers’ or ‘atomizer head’.
  • Vape coil or atomizer is a device, an integral part of E Cigarette, that heat up E-liquid to form vapor.
  • The vape coil is essentially the heating coil that heats up the E-liquid.
  • Vape coils work on the principal of Ohm’s law, partly explained in the article on Sub Ohm Vaping Guide.
  • Vape coils can be made up of various metals such as Stainless Steel, Kanthal, Titanium, and Nickel.
  • The atomizers that enclose the vape coils come in various shapes and sizes mainly made up of ceramic material.

How Does Vape Coil Work?

  • Vape coil is in contact with battery on one side and E-liquid in vape tank on the other side. It uses the power drawn from the battery to heat the E-liquid and convert it to vapors.
  • The resistance of vape coil typically depends on power wattage and coil’s thickness or inner diameter. A thicker coil offers more resistance to the current, whereas a thinner coil has less resistance.
  • Vapers refer to two types of vape coils – macro and micro vape coils. What’s the difference? The difference is in their inner diameter.
  • Micro vape coil has an inner diameter of 1 to 2 mm.
  • Macro vape coil has an inner diameter larger than 2 mm.
  • Another way of changing the resistance is by twisting the coil. Twisting increases surface area without drastically reducing the resistance of the coil. Twisting has been shown to enhance vape flavor production, and a twisted coil looks much more elegant than a simple straight wire!
  • How would you twist your vape coil? Simply hold two wires together and twist them by hand or using a drill machine.
  • What’s with the dual coils? Yes, you heard it right. Many atomizers utilize dual vape coils for better flavor and vapor production. Dual coil simply means having two vape coils, instead of usual one.
  • How does dual coil work? For a dual coil to work, both the coils should be identical i.e. of same diameter and material. Their resistance should be one half of each one’s resistance. For instance, if you are using two coils of 1 ohm each, the dual coil resistance should be 0.5 ohms.

With this introduction, now, you are ready for the vape coil building experiment. As we stated previously, before starting this experiment, you should once again check Ohm’s law and battery safety precautions.

Vape Coil Building 101

So, let’s get started with this short and crispy guide on How to build Vape Coils? Since it involves demonstration of some techniques, the best way to master building vape coils is to learn through some videos.

We have hand-picked some of the best videos, which you will refer as we proceed through the guide.

What All Things Do You Need?

  • Vape coil – a resistance wire

  • Cutters – scissor-like cutters that can cut the wire, even nail cutters work!

  • Tweezers

  • Small coiling tool – can be screwdriver or metal rod

  • Wicking material such as cotton, silica, or eco-wool

  • Regular scissor to cut the wicking material

  • An Ohm reader or resistance detector

  • A Rebuildable Atomizer (RDA)

  • E-juice of your choice

  • Time, patience, and curiosity!

Now you are ready with your tools and must be excited to start building your vape coil. For the starter, we recommend this introductory video by RiP Trippers. In this video, you will learn a big deal about types of vape coils and basics.

Do I Need to Know Anything More Before Starting?

  • As we already discussed, micro and macro coils can make a big difference in your vape coils. Similarly, a single or dual coil is another point to be noted.

  • Having a dual coil definitely enhances vapor density and flavor production! All you have to do is be a little more patient and build two coils instead of one.

Single Vape Coil Vs. Dual Coil
Single Vape Coil Vz. Dual Vape Coils
  • If you do not find an Ohm’s reader, we advise not to try coil building.
  • In case you have one, then the next step is to find out the configuration of your desired vape coil.
  • Wrapping the coil is one of the most tedious steps as it requires working out some calculations! But don’t worry! To make your life easy, you can use Steam Engine’s Coil Building Calculator or popularly known as Coil Wrapping Calculator.
  • You simply have to put values in the Coil Building Calculator and it will perform the complicated math and tell you how many wraps you need to get the desirable resistance.
  • Still confused, watch Ruby Roo’s informative video on how to build vape coil. In this video, the vape queen explains in a lucid language some of the basics and getting started with how to build vape coil.
  • If you think, you are stuck, then here is another video by ZB Vape School having simple on How to Build a Basic Coil with simple instructions.

How to Build Vape Coil – Oxidise the wire

  • First, oxidize the wire by heating it using a lighter.
  • Oxidizing the wire makes it easy to work with.
  • Be careful not to burn your hands while playing with the fire.

How to Build Vape Coil – Wrapping

  • In a step-wise manner, wrap the wire around a small metal rod or screwdriver. Wrap the wire carefully and in such a manner so that there are no gaps in adjacent wraps.
  • As per the calculations in the Coil Building Calculator, limit your wraps to the desired number.
  • Wrapping can be done using hands or pliers. Always use hand-gloves.
  • You can also use Kuro-Coiler to wrap the wire. Using Kuro-coiler your wrapping becomes more systematic giving you some elegant wraps, generally not possible if you do it manually.
  • Also try Zophie Vapes’s video on how to build vape coils, for some extra instructions.

How to Build Vape Coil – Installing in RDA

RDA Build For clouds-Vape Coils
RDA Build For clouds-Vape Coils
  • Now you are coil is ready to be installed in your RDA. For this, loosen the RDA screws but do not completely remove them. Insert one end of the wire in the positive socket and the other in the negative. Tighten the screws.
  • If there are overhangs of the wire, then cut them using a wire cutter.
  • Installing the wire in RDA is a bit tricky part. With some practice, you will be able to do it easily.

How to Build Vape Coil – Ohm Reader

  • You will need to check your RDA with installed wire for short-circuits. For this, you need an Ohm reader or a resistance detector.
  • Plug in the RDA in the reader and check the resistance. Does it match your target resistance? 0.2 Ohms here and it is alright, but if it is deviating further than that it means there is a problem!
  • Generally, the coil problems are extremely easy to resolve. Look for any lose connection, either in the wire-socket or RDA-socket. If fixing this gives you the desired resistance, well and good! If not, try another coil.

How to Build Vape Coil – Testing

  • Now is the time when you plug in the RDA onto your mod. Test fire your coil and see if it is glowing completely.
  • Stop firing the mod and re-fire. At each stop, gently tweeze the wire until it glows evenly when you re-fire.

How to Build Vape Coil – Wicking

  • After testing, it’s wicking time. Wick using our recommended cotton material. Cotton has the superior ability when it comes to wicking.
  • Use scissors to cut overhangs or extra wicks.
  • Wet the cotton with few drops of E-liquid and recheck the mod.

How to Build Vape Coil – The Final Testing

  • Once you are ready with an RDA having a cotton wick, once again check the RDA on an Ohm reader.
  • Since there is an addition of some of the material, your resistance might have shifted a little bit, but that is ok.

How to Build Vape Coil – And Your Vape Coil Is Ready

  • If all the previous steps are successful, it means this time you have been victorious in building a vape coil on your own. Cheers to one of many upcoming such experiments!
  • Your vaping gadget is now ready. All you need to do is vape and see if your own creation has added some extra flavor to your vaping.

Vape Coil Building Chart

It is a good idea to have a detailed background of ranges of resistance in which you can comfortably vape. This Vaping Coil Building Chart shows these ranges, especially those marked in green.

vape coil building chart
vape coil building chart

Replacement Vape Coils

Even if you are not building your own vape coil, your atomizer may sometimes need a replacement of vape coils. What will you do then?

VapingZone store offers a variety of replacement coils best suited for the atomizer of your choice. These coils are branded, high-quality, and made as per high company standards.

Coil Building For Flavors

Vape Coil Building For Vape Flavor
Coil Building For Vape Flavor

If you are seriously looking for flavor enhancement, then we recommend going for dual coils.

Dual coils provide an extra heating effect that enhances flavor release, vapor production, but at the same time also produces slightly higher heat throat. If you are okay with an increase in heat throat, the dual coil is the best option. If you want to purchase vape flavors, click here.

Advanced Coil Builds

There are some advanced pre-made coil builds available at VapingZone store, that will guarantee enhanced flavor and vapor production.

We recommend SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Coils, Vaporesso Target Pro Coils, Aspire Cleito 120 Coils, Eleaf Ello HW Coils, and Kanger eGo T2 replacement coils which are also some of our best-rated products.

The coils having less than one Ohm resistance can be used for Sub Ohm Vaping, which usually involves dense cloud production.

Safety Precautions While Building Vape Coils

  • Building a vape coil is an exciting experiment only when you follow some safety precautions.

  • Since it involves the use of fire and electric current, we recommend using all the primary safety precautions advised for such work.

  • It is better to know the limits of your equipment and instruments before trying anything beyond their capacity. Our advice is not to try anything beyond your device’s capacity.

  • If you do not have an Ohm reader, then we recommend not to go for building the coil.

Are you looking to buy the high-quality, authentic vape coil for your clearomizer vape tank at affordable prices? VapingZone has most of the branded and original vape coils which will satisfy your all the vaping needs.

Buy Vape Coils At VapingZone
Buy Vape Coils At VapingZone

Summary – How to Build Vape Coil

  • Building your own cape coil can be a fun experiment if you follow certain steps carefully.

  • You need to first understand the concept and functioning of vape coils in your RDA and mod, before making one.

  • Vape coils come in varieties such as nano, micro, macro, single, dual etc.

  • Before starting to make your vape coil, gather all the instruments required. You must have an Ohm reader, before starting.

  • Follow the steps mentioned in this guide carefully such as oxidizing the wire, wrapping it, installing it in RDA, checking the resistance in Ohm reader, testing it in the mod, wicking, re-checking it in the mod, re-testing using Ohm reader, and finally checking by vaping.

  • More complex vape coils are available at VapingZone store. These coils are highly recommended if you crave for higher flavor and vapor production.

If you follow, basic safety precautions, building a vape coil can be exciting. You can invite your vaper friend and make coils together. Exchanging such custom coils will be much more exciting, we bet!