Many smokers are switching to e-cigarettes, and who can blame them? It's cheaper, healthier, and much more sociable. There are some vapers now who have been tinkering with their e-cigarettes to tailor them to their unique specifications, with fantastic results.

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What is an atomizer?

If you're looking to create your own e-cigarette, you'll need to know what your atomizer is for. As Best Clearomizer explains, it's basically the machinery that contains the wicking material that soaks up your e-juice, and the coil that heats up and creates the vapor.

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What do you want from your atomizer?

If you're looking to use the dripping method when you vape, the Dark Horse RDA Clone - Black could be for you. It allows you to fully customize your vaping experience, and also lets you change flavors regularly as you're not waiting for a cartridge to empty. This model allows for multiple vaping methods by offering 16 different air flow settings, and multiple different coil builds.

What is 'dripping'?

As eCig One says, the dripping method is just that; dripping your e-liquid directly into your atomizer. Why would you do this? Because with cartomizers or cartridges, a lot of the flavor can be lost by the e-liquid being soaked up by the filler in them, and so never reaching your mouth. Dripping means that you get the whole flavor with less e-juice, making your vaping experience unique to you.

To drip, you'll need an atomizer and a drip tip. Fit the drip tip over the atomizer and drop a few drops of your favorite flavor into your e-cigarette. Wait a few seconds for the liquid to run into the atomizer, and then you're ready to go.

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Is there anything else you should know?

Only drip if you have a sealed manual battery, as if you have an unsealed automatic battery, you run the risk of flooding the atomizer. Otherwise, just practice with dripping and experiment, to make the perfect vaping experience for you.