Best-E-juice-Flavors Best-E-juice-Flavors

Nowadays, Vaping has become one of the most common choice for those looking for an alternative to quitting smoking. The Vaping or e-cigarette industry is growing at full steam and every day new products are being made available. There are multiple online sites offering all kinds of vaping products but only a few of them are able to provide original and unique products. Vaping Zone is the fastest leading e-cigarette brand and has the variety of e-cig gadgets. When it comes to vaping and electronic cigarettes, e-liquid is the most amusing factor. E-juice brings the flavor; it brings the fun. So, if you are looking to find the best e-juice flavors, you should pay a visit to This online store offers its customers a wide variety of original Vaping and e-cig products.

Apart from all the vaping paraphernalia, at vapingzone, you can also find dozens of e-juice vaping flavors, nicotine juice, and several unique e-juice concentrate flavors. We have carefully made a selection and prepared a list with the top ten e-juice flavors for e-cig available. Our e-liquid reviews are based upon the experience, testing, and skill of our trained staff.

1. VZ Swag Berry

VZ Swag Berry offers an intense berry flavor and it is the best vaping juice offered by vapingzone. This flavor might be one of the tastiest vape juice flavors around. Apart from the intense blackberry like the taste, VZ Swag Berry is also complemented, with a soft blueberry and kiwi flair. Many of those who have tried it have pointed out the aftertaste is pretty enjoyable and its dense body make it perfect for smoke tricks. 15 ml of VZ Swag Berry will cost you just $4.99 and not $7.99, but you can buy bigger quantities and the bigger the quantity the cheaper it gets. You can buy from 15 ml up to 500 ml, and you can even select the quantity of nicotine or add extra flavoring.

2. VZ Light Cig E-liquid

The Vaping Zone’s Light Cig E-liquid flavor is less fruity and much more tailored to those looking for a similar taste to light cigarettes. Many former cigarette smokers actually prefer vapingzone’s e-cig flavor to real cigarettes! As with all choices, this flavor comes with the ability to pick how much liquid nicotine you want in your bottle, and how big your bottle is. This flavor is the right one to pick if you are looking for the taste of regular cigarettes but want to avoid all the nasty chemicals. This is actually the best flavor for those looking to quit smoking. Discounted price for 15ml is $4.99 if you buy it now!

3. VZ Red Cig E-Liquid

Red-Cig-E-Liquid Red Cig E Liquid

The VZ Red Cig E-Liquid flavor tastes just like a full bodied red cigarette. The VZ Red Cig E-Liquid gives you the chance of adding a menthol flair. The flavor can be described as bold, but smooth tasting. Many former smokers like to use this e-liquid to help themselves off of real cigarettes. While some might find this flavor a little strong, many consider this one to be similar to a pure Marlboro red blend. Get red cig e liquid flavor at just $4.99!

4. VZ Menthol Ice E-Juice

This menthol flavored e-juice tastes like menthol cigarettes with an icy flavor mix. Many smokers say it has helped them quit smoking menthol cigarettes, and they were able to switch over from almost any brand of a menthol cigarette. The VZ Menthol Ice E-Juice carries that intense menthol flavor mixed with a powerful and active Icy flair. This flavor is perfect for menthol lovers. Worried about price? No need. Menthol Ice E-juice flavor is also just at $4.99.

5. VZ Freeze E-Liquid

This vape flavor is best suited for those who want to try something different. Many have compared the taste to that of mint gum or peppermint liquor. This flavor can also be good for menthol users, however, even those who do not like menthol will still probably like this flavor. It appeals to the best of both worlds and will have anybody coming back for a second puff. Price – 15 ml = $4.99

6. SC-VZ Super Concentrated Flavor

Super-Concentrated-E-Liquid-Flavor Super Concentrated E Liquid Flavor

This flavor is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is an alcohol based flavoring and it is extremely concentrated making it look like the real deal. This is one of the best intro flavors for those who smoke real cigarettes, thanks to its extremely strong cigarette flavoring. The rating of this flavor is: 4.85/5 and the price for 15 ml = $5.99

7. VZ Menthol E-Liquid

Another great choice for menthol lovers is this flavor. It has been described as very similar to KOOLs, with a mild taste of sweetness in the vapor. Price: 15 ml = $4.99

8. VZ Strawberry Banana Smoothie Liquid

strawberry-banana-smoothie-e-liquid strawberry banana smoothie e liquid

If you are looking for a fruitier flavor that might remind you of a smoothie, this is the one for you. A go-to flavor for many vapers, the fruit flavors of strawberry banana smoothie e-juice flavor explode in your mouth the moment you take your first puff. This flavor is remarkable for its uncanny resemblance to the taste of actual fruit as well. The subtle banana undertones are overtaken by a yummy strawberry flavor that rolls off your tongue as you exhale. This is one of the most popular vape flavors and is loved for its ability to be perfectly sweet and sour.

Price – 15 ml = $4.99

9. VZ Green Cig E-Liquid

This flavor is most closely comparable to that of a Newport cigarette. Unlike many menthol flavored juices, this one does not taste like candy, but like a realistic menthol cigarette. Price – 15 ml = $4.99

10.VZ Juicy Peach E-Liquid

Juicy-Peach-E-Juice-Liquid Juicy Peach E Juice Liquid

This e juice is another one for fruit lovers. This peach flavor is strong and carries some extra zing in it as well. This vape is easy in your throat and gives you a very realistic peach flavor. This e-juice is as sweet as a Georgia Peach and even better, you can add extra flavoring! Price – 15 ml = $4.99

All Vaping Zone’s E-Liquids are made with a blend of (USP) grade ingredients to include PG, VG, nicotine, and FDA approved food-grade flavorings.

These are the top 10 vape flavors you can find on for 2017. In the end, we would perfectly recommend Vaping Zone for anybody looking to try new e-juices. If you are looking to try something fresh, just pick up one of the top 10, and I’m pretty sure it will make you want to try all the other nine!