For some people, vaping may sound like a fad that is not going to stay but it is attaining a lot of positive attention as the ideal smoking alternative. E-cigs have come a long way and are going to remain in trend till ages as it is a healthy alternative that doesn't have harmful effects. The electronic cigarette industry is continuously changing and evolving for good. As the technology is advancing and so are e-cigs, a lot of innovative products are being launched.

If you think that electronic cigarette is a new concept then it's time to debunk this myth. The very first patent for e-cig was filed in 1963 by Herbert A. Gilbert. From its inception, the mechanism and structure of the e-cig have evolved. E-cigs of the present age comprises of e-cig battery, cartridges, atomizers, sensor, aluminum shells, smart chip and microprocessor.

The most basic e-cig starter kits includes one battery, five pre-filled cartridges and a charger. Many brands release their version of e-cig kits every year. We have listed the best for you and the best thing is that you can get all these kits at an affordable price from our store. The e-cig kits that are perfect for vaping beginners are as follows:

Kangertech Subox Mini Kit: Stylish appearance, light weight, compact size and an attractive design is what defines this kit. Due to this long line of features, the kit has managed to attract a huge number of vapers. This is one of the best selling e-cig kits supplied with KBOX mini mod and the hot Subtank Mini Tank. The tank with a capacity of 4.5 ml is available in two shades that are black and white. You can enjoy an ideal vaping experience with an atomizer of resistance in range of. 30ohm to 1.60ohm. The kit is supplied with rebuildable coils and therefore it is perfect for all kinds of vapers, including beginers, intermediates and pros.


Joyetech eVic-VT-TC 60W Kit:
The kit is supplied with a long lasting 5000mah battery. The kit brings you the feature of enjoying temperature-controlled vaping at your finger tip. The vape pen is compatible with both nickel and titanium coils. The sleek design and perfect mechanism allow you to control the output upto 60 watts.


Kanger EVOD: The kit is one of the most popular and versatile eGo-based starter vape kit. The kit is supplied with a 650mAh battery but if you are a heavy vaper then you can easily upgrade it to 1000mAh battery. The tank has a capacity of almost 1.8ml e-liquid. Therefore, you experience exotic and tasty flavors for a long period of time. The refilling mechanism is equally easy. Rubberized batteries are comfortable and sleek in design and gives your e-cig a classy and professional touch.

Joye eGo One: The kit is popular amongst the masses because of the wide variety of features such as intricately built design, convenient to carry and easy to use on the go. Brushed stainless steel structure available in wide assortment of colors give kit a sophisticated look. If you are a frequent smoker than this kit is your soul mate as it is supplied with a battery of 2100mAH. The structure of e-cig kits has a mechanism supporting replacement of five coils. joye

With proper knowledge of these kits, you are all set to divert your way from smoking to vaping.