The Best E Cig Brands in 2017

Are you a regular vaper interested in knowing the best E Cig brands of 2017 in USA? Are you a vaper thinking to stock E-juice of your favorite brand to last for a year? Are you thinking of switching your regular vape brand to another top E Cig brand of 2017?

Best E Cig brands of 2017
Best E Cig brands of 2017

If so, you are on the right page on the right website…indeed…the best vaping website, Vaping Zone, for all your vaping needs.

We, at Vaping Zone, receive several brand choice queries every year from vaping beginners as well as pros. The queries range from knowing the best-suited brand for one’s vaping needs to what all vaping brands.

To resolve the confusion for the year 2017, we carried out a quick review of the vaping brands. Our vape experts basically looked at trending brands, vaping brands that use some innovative techniques in their products, product durability and quality, and customer response to the brands.

Since we maintain a good database of all the vaping brands, it was easy for us to come up with a list of best vaping brands of 2017 for you. This list is exhaustive and we are sure that you do not need to refer any other article for a second opinion!

So, as they say “Try being informed instead of just opinionated”!

#01. Best E Cig Brand – SmokTech

smoktech e cig brands
smoktech e cig brands
  • SmokTech is one of the best E Cig brands currently available in USA.
  • SmokTech has been in the race to make the best vaping products in an affordable price since the start of the company.
  • SmokTech specializes in making atomizers and E Cig Mods.
  • Their best sold series of atomizers include TFV, Helmet and Minos.
  • SmokTech’s TFV series of sub ohm tanks has been praised by many. The series has variants such as TFV8 Baby Beast, TFV8 Cloud Beast and TFV12.
  • SmokTech’s H-Priv E Cig Mod is known to be one of the best E Cig Mods available in USA.
  • SmokTech has a global reach with over 27 offices worldwide.
  • SmokTech has filed over 110 patents on E Cig technology. This surely makes SmokTech one of the top brands in USA in 2017.

#02. Best E Cig Brand – KangerTech

Kangertech- Best E Cig Brands
Kangertech- Best E Cig Brands
  • KangerTech is a rather old company for vaping industry. It was established in 2007 and since then KangerTech has spread across the world providing the best of the vaping needs vapers can have.
  • KangerTech’s products are most popular in North America and European Union.
  • KangerTech has over 38 distributors in USA and Canada.
  • The best part of KangerTech policy is that all their products pass rigorous safety tests such as CE, RoHS, and possess International Environmental Management System’s ISO 1400o standards.
  • This means if you buy a KangerTech E Cig Mod, you don’t have to worry about the safety issues.
  • KangerTech is famous for its Clearomizers and E Cig Mods.
  • KangerTech’s TOPBOX Mini kit is one of the best products for all you vapers out there.

#03. Best E Cig Brand – Innokin

Innokin Best E Cig Brands
Innokin Best E Cig Brands
  • Innokin, started in 2011, is among the top choices if you go for E Cig Mods.
  • The best part of Innokin products is that they specialize in Advanced Personal Vaporizers, which not may deal in.
  • The Innokin products are quite popular in USA with over 5000 shops currently dealing in Innokin products.
  • Innokin deals in four high-quality E Cig Mods – iTaste, iClear, iSub and CoolFire. So, imagine holding an iTaste in your fingers while talking on an iPhone 7…makes the perfect combo!
  • Just like KangerTech and SmokTech, Innokin ensures that their products are environment friendly and highly safe to use.
  • Innokin has service centers in USA, just in case you need one.
  • Innokin is one step ahead in research and development. The Innokin team has so far filed and obtained 71 design patents, 61 processing patents and 40 patents for utility models. With its 172 patents, Innokin is surely a leader among international E Cig brands.

#04. Best E Cig Brand – Vaporesso

Vaporesso E Cig Best Brands
Vaporesso E Cig Best Brands
  • Vaporesso is another leader in vaping industry with over 300 patents on vaping and allied technology.
  • The company is in the vaping business since 2006, which makes it one of the pioneers in vaping industry.
  • If you wish to buy Vaporesso products, we recommend Vaporesso Target Pro Kit.
  • Vaporesso’s Target Pro Kit is 75W E Cig Mod, made with a high level of craftsmanship. The product’s ergonomic design makes it the best in the class.
  • Another low wattage variant of Target Pro is Vaporesso’s Target Mini Kit. The mini kit is 40W, more than sufficient for beginners.
  • Interesting fact about the Target Mini Kit is that it features one of the smallest Target Mod till date! So, are you ready to try one?
  • With such high-tech products, our reviewers’ team agrees that Vaporesso is ‘Beyond the ordinary’.

#05. Best E Cig Brand – Eleaf

eleaf- Best E Cig Brands
eleaf- Best E Cig Brands
  • Eleaf, established in 2011, is one of the premium quality E Cig manufacturer.
  • Eleaf’s products are class apart. Eleaf’s signature E Cig Mods are its iStick series.
  • Eleaf’s iStick series has earned a great reputation. The iStick series includes several variants such as iStick 20W, iStick 40W, iStick 60W and iStick 100W.
  • Eleaf’s iStick 80W, formerly known as Eleaf iPower, is the best in the class E Cig Mod.
  • Eleaf’s another signature series is iJust series. The iJust S Kit is the kit to go for vaping, because it is small, compact and stylish.
  • If you are a heavy vaper then Eleaf has iStick QC 200W, a new product they just launched.
  • Eleaf also has a good customer support, making it one of the trusted brands among vapers.

#06. Best E Cig Brand- Aspire

Aspire Best E CigBrand
Aspire Best E CigBrand
  • Aspire is a young company making its mark in the vaping industry. Founded in 2013, Aspire is the best known for its signature Nautilus series.
  • Aspire offers a range of products including Clearomizers, E Cig Mods, and even E-Hookah.
  • As far as E Cig Mods are concerned, Aspire’s Nautilus series is something to look for.
  • The Nautilus series with its several variants of 2 ml and 5 ml tanks have been looked at as the next generation of tank systems.
  • Aspire’s Nautilus 2 comes with a stylish finish. It is one of the best products to have you in your pocket if you want a great vaping experience.
  • Another interesting series by Aspire is its Triton series.
  • The latest version in Triton series, Aspire Triton 2, is stylish stainless steel and pyrex made product that can be easily disassembled for cleaning.

#07. Best E Cig Brand – Joyetech

Joyetech-Best E Cig Brand
Joyetech-Best E Cig Brand
  • Joyetech, another old company in vaping industry, was founded in 2007.
  • Since the inception of the company, Joytech’s focus has been on developing technology for masses in an affordable price.
  • Today Joyetech is one of the top E Cig brands, living their motto ‘Joy life with E technology’.
  • Joyetech offers a variety of E Cig Mods. Their popular series are Unimax, Ocular, eGo AIO, and Elitar Pipe.
  • eGo AIO Pro series has several variants such as eGo AIO box, eGo AIO Pro C, eGo AIO D22 XL, eGo AIO D16 and eGo AIO D22.
  • The eGo AIO Pro is made using innovative leakage proof technology.
  • The second most impressive product by Joyetech is their Elitar Pipe. This pipe looks no other than a classic old pipe.
  • The pipe’s finishing is done so carefully that anyone can mistake it for a traditional pipe. In addition, the pipe has in built leak proof, so that you enjoy vaping without any worries.


As we said, there is a plethora of new and old E Cig brands available in market and hence deciding what to choose may be problematic.

In this article, we short-list the best E Cig brands in the USA in 2017, based on our vaping experts’ reviews.

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