Benefits of Switching from Cigarettes to Ecigs and Vapes

Benefits of Switching from Cigarettes to Ecigs and Vapes
Benefits of Switching from Cigarettes to Ecigs and Vapes

Many traditional cigarette smokers are finding that e-cigs offer less risk to their health and offer a greater freedom and convenience in their life. Below are just a few of the benefits we have heard from new e-cig users who have switched from cigarettes to e-cigs and vapes.

Electronic Cigarettes pose less risk to your health

Those who switch from traditional cigarettes to Electronic cigarettes or vapor cigarettes will immediately begin to notice a difference in their health. Tobacco cigarette smokers will find e-cigs contain about 700 less harmful chemicals. E-Cigs and vapor cigarettes contain water, vegetable oil or glycerin, flavoring, nicotine, and propylene glycol (a vapor additive found in fog machines and deemed safe by the FDA as a food additive). After switching from cigarettes to E-cigs, users often notice they have more energy, feel healthier, and can breathe easier which has resulted in many quitting the smoking of traditional cigarettes altogether.

E-cigarettes and Vapes do not have the smell of cigarette smoke

When smoking a traditional cigarette, you may not notice how bad the smell of smoke has been until you quit cigarette smoking. With the use of an e-cig or vape, you can enjoy your e-cig and return to your group conversation without worrying about the strong smell of smoke as e-cig and vapor cigarettes produce little to no smell at all. You will no longer have to carry around that bottle of perfume or cologne to cover the smell of smoke before returning to the party.

E-Cigs and Vapor cigarettes are actually much cheaper than tobacco

After the initial purchase of the starter kit which includes an ecig charger, car charger, carry case, cartomizer, and other convenient items depending on your preference, the average 1-pack a day cigarette smoker will notice the cost comparison between e-cigs and traditional cigarettes is cut in half if not more. An average e-cig cartridge contains 250-400 puffs. As well, since there is no burning of any kind, you can leave your e-cig and come back to it later without it burning away.

E-Cigs allow you to be more social

As e-cigs and vapes produce a water based mist with little to no smell at all, you’re enjoying an e-cig among a group of friends will no longer be offensive as it was when you smoked cigarettes. E-cigs are similar in feel and shape to a cigarette, but are also noticeably different in color and features to ensure your guests you are using an e-cig that produces no second-hand smoke.

E-Cigs have many various flavor choices

Traditional cigarettes most often come in two flavors, menthol and plain. However, with an e-cig or vapor cigarette you can choose from hundreds of flavor choices including Café Mocha as well as other choices such as , Juicy Peach, Chocolate Mint, Vanilla Sponge Cake e-liquid, and even sponge cake eliquids. As well, for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to creating a unique e-cig experience there are even DIY e-liquid flavors which allow you to create your own flavor combinations.

E-Cigs and Vapes produces no Ash, no accidental cigarette Eburns

It’s happened to all of us, even the most careful smokers have accidentally dropped a burning ash in the car or at home at one time or another. E-cigs and vapes do not produce an ash from a burning hot product, there is no longer a concern about accidentally ashing and having cigarette burns on your favorite clothing or furniture.

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to nicotine enjoyment or are simply tired of the social stigma and smell that goes with cigarette smoking, you should definitely try starter kits from VapingZone as I’m sure you will become a fan of vaping in just a few days.