Are Vaping Lounges the New hangouts? Are Vaping Lounges the New hangouts?

As the increased popularity of e-cigarettes and vapes takes hold across the nation, there is a new emerging trend of businesses spreading across the country as vaping lounges. Vaping or smoking harmless vapor that can be found and purchased in vape lounges as well as convenience stores across the country has become the new trend. Vape lounges are now what the coffee bar was twenty years ago as the trendy location to hangout with friends, have a cup of coffee and enjoy a vape. Over the last few years, vape lounges started to show up in larger cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles but now can be found in smaller cities across the U.S. including communities such as Wichita, Kansas, Des Moines, IA and Seattle, Washington.

The trend of vaping began to take hold across the U.S. as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Vapes contain propylene glycol or vegetable glycol (harmless vapor agents), flavoring, and nicotine, Vaping is being marketed as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes as it does not contain the thousands of harmful and often deadly chemicals found in tobacco smoke. As well, there are non-nicotine vapes for those who simply enjoy the flavor and social enjoyment found in vape lounges without the effects of nicotine.

As vaping enthusiasts have limitless choices of vaping flavors from grape or piña colada to cappuccino and chocolate flavors, as well as a variety of stylish vaping devices called mods, there is plenty to share with fellow vaping enthusiasts. Many vaping lounges offer "make your own e-juice" where you can combine flavors such as almond, cherry, and chocolate to make the perfect black forest cake vape flavors. Vaping lounges are popping up across the country as the new place to chill out at a meeting place with friends.

Tobacco smoking is at an all time low in the U.S. as many have found vaping and ecigs offer the same benefits of tobacco smoking without all of the unhealthy chemicals found in tobacco smoke. As vapes and ecigs become the popular and trendy alternative, there is no longer a need to huddle together outside in the cold while feeling guilty for leaving your group of friends to have a cigarette. Oftentimes, ex-smokers miss the social bonding aspects of smoking the most as there's nothing quite like going out to have a cigarette to discuss serious issues or have a bonding moment with friends. Now, with the new popularity of vapes, ecigs, and vaping lounges springing up across the country, ex-smokers can enjoy their vape inside with their friends and continue the conversation indoors on a comfortable vaping lounge sofa. Vaping lounges provide a warm, friendly environment for all adults to enjoy trying out the newest vaping flavors, mods, and styles as well as having free wi-fi and a cup of coffee with friends.

Although vapes and ecigs have been sold in the U.S. for several years now, the acceptance of this healthy alternative to tobacco smoking is growing quickly as vaping lounges are becoming the trendy hangout to visit with friends and enjoy a vape or ecig. This popular new trend is set to take over the tobacco industry within the next few years as vapes and ecigs become the preferred choice of socializing across the U.S.