A Complete Guide on Atomizers, Cartomizers and Clearomizers

A Complete Guide on Atomizers, Cartomizers and Clearomizers
A Complete Guide on Atomizers, Cartomizers and Clearomizers

Smoking is cool’ is a common bait that has hooked many smokers. Unfortunately, this dangerous idea leads an addiction from which is difficult to gain freedom. In its course, it damages the body and can lead to fatal diseases. However, this gloomy cloud has a silver lining:  you can avoid all that and still be cool. The new term is ‘vaping’ and it’s as good as the joy of smoking, sans the ill-effects.

What is Vaping?

Let’s understand vaping as a whole before we go into the analysis of the various equipment used for it. An E-Liquid or E-Juice is the basic component, which is usually a tobacco flavored liquid. Modern e-cig kits have a variety of flavors in them now – mint, various berries, pineapple…you can choose.

This E-Liquid is then heated up to vaporization temperature. The vapor can now be inhaled to stimulate the experience of smoking.

The Types – Atomizer, Cartomizer and Clearomizer

Atomizers are a part of the good old classic e-cig. It is the heart of an e-cig and an essential component in all the varieties. Its function is to heat the E-Juice up to the vaporizing temperature. Typically, it consists of two important parts – the heating element and the micro-pump. Through a power supply, the heating element, which is a thin wire, is heated. The same power supply induces the pump in the atomizer to push the E-Liquid towards the heating element. As the juice passes the heated wire, it is vaporized.

The atomizer has evolved to be a sophisticated unit where a filler material, battery connector and heating element are housed in a single metal tube. This is known as a cartomizer. The filler material absorbs the E-Juice to the point of saturation. It is then passed to the heating coil. Atomizers also exist as a standalone unit but cartomizers are the most popular e-cigs nowadays.

Clearomizers are the most modern avatar of the e-cig. This is a transparent tank made out of polycarbonate or Pyrex glass. Two important parts of this unit are the silica wick and the heating coil. E-Juice passes from the former to the latter to be heated. The appearance of clearomizer has been improvised with time and it is as stylish and colorful as any funky electronic device. Lastly, there is another attachment; the mouthpiece, through which the vapor are inhaled.


Atomizers vs. Cartomizers vs. Clearomizers

The comparisons of Atomizers vs. Cartomizers, Cartomizers vs. Clearomizers and Atomizers vs. Clearomizers do simplify analysis. But the fact of the matter is that every type suits individual needs and your e-cig needs to be chosen accordingly.

So if you love the classic dripping, where you inhale one pure drop at a time, atomizer is your solution. It costs less, has a simple design and can be refilled easily. However the refilling can become tedious if you vape a lot. The difference between an atomizer and a cartomizer is that the latter can hold much more E-Juice. And the difference between an atomizer and a clearomizer is that the latter’s transparent tube helps you track the amount of E-Liquid.

That clearly indicates that cartomizer is the way to go if you’ve just quit smoking. You can vape more frequently with similar advantages as regards to cost and simplicity of design. But there is every chance that it might not give you the kick. The flavor tends to get diluted by the filler material.

A clearomizer is a choice for those seeking a more refined experience. The unit has huge storage capacity and longer life. It is obvious that the drawback here is higher price. However, it is not more than what smoking would cost.