10 Things you didn’t Know About E-cigarettes

10 Things you didn’t Know About E-cigarettes
10 Things you didn’t Know About E-cigarettes

A few years ago the government raised the taxes we pay on cigarettes tremendously, this caused uproar from cigarette smokers all over the country. Luckily, not long after, the e-cigarette started showing up online and in tobacco stores. Today e-cigarettes have gained immense popularity; you can even find them in your local gas station.

But, how much do you know about e-cigarettes? It turns out a lot of people, both smokers and non smokers are clueless when it comes to the ever-popular e-cigarette. Because of this, we decided to compile a list of facts about the e-cigarette for your education. Here are ten things you didn’t know about e-cigarettes.

  1. E-cigarettes contain no tobacco or carbon monoxide: That’s right, unlike real cigarettes; their electronic counterparts don’t contain tobacco or the extremely harmful chemical carbon monoxide. In fact, there’s not even any smoke. So, what is it that you’re inhaling? Nicotine vapor; hence the nickname for smoking e-cigarettes: Vaping.

  1. The liquid inside of an e-cigarette is a nicotine mixture: From the cheapest to the best e-cigarettes, all of them have a liquid nicotine mixture inside them that gets turned into vapor. Many of them come with pre-filled cartridges that you change every so often, but some of them need to be manually refilled with a small bottle of this mixture.

  1. Many E-cigarettes come with the option to change the nicotine levels: This is why so many people have claimed that vaping helped them to quit smoking entirely. Many e-cigarettes come with cartridges that contain different levels of nicotine, even ones with no nicotine at all. This allows a person to continue the act of smoking (a huge part of the addiction) while receiving less and less nicotine. Some of the best e-cigarettes even have a small button right on the device that will automatically change your nicotine intake for you.

  1. Before 2014 e-cigarettes were not regulated by the FDA: Even though the FDA regulates chewing tobacco, regular cigarettes, and all other tobacco products they weren’t controlling or monitoring e-cigarettes until just this year.

  1. Most E-Cigarettes are Reusable: Most brands of e-cigarettes come with an easily rechargeable battery. This means that as long as you keep the battery charged your e-cigarette will continue to work. Battery life differs between brands, but some of the best e-cigarettes have battery lives of up to a few days or even a week. The rechargeable factor is one reason many people say vaping is a cheaper alternative to smoking.

  1. E-cigarettes actually are cheaper: Smokers with a pack-a-day habit spend around $1,000 or more per year. E-cigarettes come out to around half that price per year. They have an initial cost; around $30-$100 for a starter kit, but after the initial cost, the price of replacement cartridges (where just one lasts longer than an entire pack of cigarettes) is much cheaper. With E-cigarettes you’d only spend around $600 per year smoking the equivalent of a pack a day.

  1. They can be smoked most anywhere: Since e-cigarettes produce no actual smoke or smell and they aren’t regulated the way regular cigarettes are, they aren’t banned from in-door and public use in most places. Some states and countries have limited public use, but in most areas of the U.S vaping is perfectly legal inside and in public venues.

  1. Secondhand smoke dangers are lowered: Since e-cigarettes don’t contain the same dangerous chemical as regular cigarettes, such as carbon monoxide, and because emissions from nicotine vapor tend to be much lower than burning nicotine, the secondhand smoke factor is decreased significantly.

  1. They’re still dangerous for your lungs: Even though many companies claim vaping is completely safe, remember that you’re still inhaling a substance into your lungs. Even the best e-cigarettes are still using nicotine vapor and nicotine in any form can be harmful to your lungs. Researchers haven’t determined what the risk to your lungs is compared to regular cigarettes, it may be lower given the fact that other dangerous chemicals aren’t present, but it’s been determined that they are still bad for you.

  1. They are still an 18+ product: Even though the FDA just started looking at regulating e-cigarettes, the sale of them is still limited to those over the age of 18.

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