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SC-Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco Super Concentrated Flavor

SC-Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco Super Concentrated Flavor

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Virginia Flu Cured Tobacco Super Concentrated Flavor


Virginia Flu Cured Tobacco Super Concentrated Flavor

This is an alcohol based flavoring and is extremely concentrated.  Recommended percentage for DIY is 2.5%. 

5ml of flavoring will make 200ml of e-liquid; 1ml of flavoring will make 40ml of e-liquid.

Due to personal preferences, tastes and mixing styles, we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for flavoring.  All flavoring purchases are final.

Reviews of SC-Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco Super Concentrated Flavor
Review by Douglas Libby
Awesome flavor
Douglas Libby (Posted on Dec 25, 2016)
Review by Ruth Alvarado
This is really good.
Ruth Alvarado (Posted on Oct 05, 2016)
Review by thomas pennington
awesome just place order for 30 mil bottle.
thomas pennington (Posted on Sep 23, 2015)
Review by mjmickeym
Mine is good at 5% ...still a good deal since I typically use 20% for other concentrate brands. I need 5% to overcome my other flavors since I use a PV for each flavor switiching back and forth during a single "session"
mjmickeym (Posted on Sep 14, 2015)
Review by paul smith
not for me this one. very strong flavour, even at 2%. It gets 5* because it is what it says on the tin, I can't knock it just because it doesn't appeal to my taste.
paul smith (Posted on Jun 17, 2015)
Review by Joseph Francisco
My favorite flavor.. easy to mix and nice " smokiesh " tobacco flavor. At 3%..70vg30pg..6mg vapes great and seems easy on the atties. Good right after mixing ..better after 3 hours... awesome after a few days or more. My new everyday vape and its gonna take something special to replace it and I basically only vape tobacco flavors. Great job VZ.. thanks a bunch.
Joseph Francisco (Posted on Jun 13, 2015)
Review by Johntodd
Very delightful after at least a week of steeping. On the lighter side of tobaccos, but full enough to be satisfying.

Place well with others. Would buy again.
Johntodd (Posted on Jun 06, 2015)
Review by CAVaper
Excellent! Taste is just as good as the pre-made e-juice Virginia Flu I had been ordering for 9 months from one of the premium (expensive) vendors out there. Getting the same quality of vape and saving 90% on e-juice. Wish I would have found this sooner! Also getting longer lifespan out of my cartos which is nice. Mixing it straight up at 80pg/20vg at 18mg; using 17 drops per 15ml batch. After a hot water bath it's ready to vape within a couple of hours. Because this is my all-day vape, I sometimes make a batch with 2 drops of vanilla concentrate mixed in to change it up a little. If you like Virginia Flu, you can't go wrong with this.
CAVaper (Posted on Feb 06, 2015)
Review by Myriam Lozano
Nice flavor; good for daily use.
Myriam Lozano (Posted on Dec 23, 2014)
Review by Helen Tagg
It's a really good Virginian Tobacco that results from the prescribed dose of 2.5%, and even just after mixing it's very agreeable to use. It has become one of the bases for other mixes, apart from being my favourite daily vape. I love the facility with which it is mixed- I put my nic base in the bottle, add the Virginian flavour, for which I use a 1ml syringe to be able to measure just to a 1/100 of a ml, the quantity necessary being so small, then top it up with my PG/VG, and away I go, it's finished. It does improve with seeping, but as I already mentioned, it is ready after an hour, I find, with no chemical taste at all. Now that I've tried it, I love it. Mixes really well with cream, caramel and coconut concentrates to make a delicious change, I find, and I imagine it as a nice base for menthol too, though I've not yet tried it, but it's nice with a bit of fruit, from time to time ;). Virginian is the best for all day vaping, as well as using with other flavours as the tobacco base, IMHO, and 5 stars is the minimum I rate it.
Helen Tagg (Posted on Nov 08, 2014)
Review by David Emanuel
I ordered this this week and it came quickly!! Thanks you very very much- I was out of a popular Flue Cured that I have been spending mega-bucks on. Along with this concentrate, I ordered the 36mg bottle of VG- I'm a VG vapor as I have sensitivities to PG. Anyway, I followed others' suggestion to use 12 drops per 10ml. I mixed up 30ml in a bottle I had (of the old stuff that was empty), to about the half way mark with the 36mg nic solution, then put in 36 drops of the concentrate, shook it well then added pure VG and shook it a few time as I added up to the top. I know this was not exact measurements, but what I got as a VG solution at 18mg/ml (1.8%) which is what I vape and a very nice Flue Cured taste, good throat hit and vapor production. It is very close to what my all day vape has been!! I was surprised that it also had some sweetness to it (but not to sweet) but this was most likely from the 100% VG solution. Anyway, I have to hand it to you- this is one awesome vape!! I'm sure it will become my daily staple!! Thank you very much!!

P.S. I find that the flavor is a bit stong but nice- I may go with 30 drops the next time I make a batch...everyone has their preferences and the great thing about this is I can tailor it to what I like. I can also add some fruit flavor to it as it will make a nice base for that w/ a good tobacco body!
David Emanuel (Posted on Sep 29, 2014)
Review by DH
Very good flue cured flavoring. Tastes a lot like cigarette tobacco without the yucky ash/burnt taste.
DH (Posted on Jul 29, 2014)
Review by Joey Scarazzo
I have been on a long search for a good clean, not sugary tobacco flavor. Let me tell you, this is the BEST!! Put in at 12 drops per 10ml of 80/20 PG/AG mix, it is light and fluffy, real tobacco taste, good throat hit, lots of vapor, no bad aftertaste. The mix is completely clear! Not gunky and syrupy like flavors I have tried from different folks. I am using an eGo battery with either a tank or standard 510 atomizer with a drip tip. I have FINALLY found my all day DIY vape. Thank you!
Joey Scarazzo (Posted on Mar 26, 2014)
Review by James D''Auria
Very very close to an actual smoke. Very rich tobacco with a bright th, that makes you not want to put it down. C'mon!! Does it only cure the flu in Virginia?
James D''Auria (Posted on Mar 22, 2014)
Review by Richard Grover
Real nice tobacco flavor just a hair stronger than the real cig. Its a winner at 2.5%
Richard Grover (Posted on Mar 11, 2014)
Review by MrBeo
Virginia Flu Cured Tobacco is one of the Best concentrate flavors I have ever used/tasted. I mixed it at 12 Drops per 10ml with 50/50 pg/vg 24mg nic and even after one hour it tasted awesome so I can only bet with a few days steep time its very VERY Yummy. I hear it easy on the carto's too...WINNER!!!
MrBeo (Posted on Mar 10, 2014)
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