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VZ Smokey Mountain V2 E-Liquid

VZ Smokey Mountain V2 E-Liquid

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VZ Smokey Mountain V2 E-Liquid Made by VapingZone in the USA.

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VZ Smokey Mountain V2 E-Liquid Made by VapingZone in the USA

This is a tobacco blend unique to VapingZone.

All VZ E-Liquids are made with a blend of (USP) grade ingredients to include PG, VG, nicotine, and FDA approved food-grade flavorings.

Due to personal preferences and tastes, we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for E-Liquid products. All E-Liquid purchases are final.

Reviews of VZ Smokey Mountain V2 E-Liquid
Review by Alex Dowd`
this is the best!
Alex Dowd` (Posted on Apr 24, 2017)
Review by Big O
Very intriguing vape. So far I have distinguished two flavors - one is definitely a delicate maple flavor and the second is a tobacco. Sometimes I swear there is a hint of cinnamon but either way it's a great ADV (All Day Vape). Not really all that sweet and I suspect they are hoping the maple flavor gives that smokey taste but it's not quite there. Solid juice however in my search for that true Analogue flavor (Parliament -P Funks). Has anyone gotten the extra flavoring?
Big O (Posted on Apr 13, 2017)
Review by rusty
Starten to become my new ADV. Just a good smooth creamy slightly sweet smoky vape that has a hint of cinnamon when vaped at a higher wattage. Keeping this one n rotation.
rusty (Posted on Dec 08, 2016)
Review by melvin keith jr
Nice smooth vape.
melvin keith jr (Posted on Jul 12, 2016)
Review by Kimberly Weaver
Incredibly good. Never thought I'd find a vape with the true smokey flavor... had it shipped to my vacation spot in the Georgia mountains and thoroughly enjoyed this liquid!!! Can't find any better than this.
Kimberly Weaver (Posted on Apr 17, 2016)
Review by Cage Abshire
Smoky Mountain is a comfort flavor that hints of the fall outdoors with a faint hint of oak smoke from a distant chimney and woodsy wafts upon the exhale. Love it.
Cage Abshire (Posted on Mar 22, 2016)
Review by Hollie Randall
My fav until I tried Dark Shadows which is smoother with a hint of chocolate vs carmel/tobacco flavors. Must take a break from steady vaping of this as the tobacco flavor tends to be too much after a while. Still a good vape and look forward to it for a stronger change.
Hollie Randall (Posted on Feb 09, 2016)
Review by Justin Paquette
I've only been to the Smoky Mountains once in my life and this did not remind me of that at all. But that is beside the point. As a tobacco flavor, its the best I have had to this point. kind of a subtle woodsy smokiness paired with the sweeter caramel flavor. Swear i tasted a hint of some sort of stone ground mustard, but i could just be loosing it. Inspired memories of I don't remember what, and places I've probably never been. Give it a chance, it won't let you down.
Justin Paquette (Posted on Feb 02, 2016)
Review by R&R
My favorite so far. Sweet and Smokey - great full flavor. I can taste some caramel or vanilla hints in it also - very smooth.
R&R (Posted on Dec 02, 2015)
Review by Lindsay Mitchell
Upon first vape I noticed a hint of hazelnut taste and also detected something different almost like a raw cinnamon. I really liked this flavor at first but after vaping it for a half day it became too much for me. The flavor is too strong and becomes overwhelming. I am vaping with a eVod clearomizer.
Lindsay Mitchell (Posted on Oct 16, 2015)
Review by Chris Stewart
My favorite Tabacco flavor, by far. Rich taste with a light caramel flavor and very smooth. This is one of the few E-Juice blends that I have tried where I could really pick up the smell of the vape, and it was great! Also, this really does have a smokey flavor too it, almost like tabacco leaves cured over a woodstove. A must have for anybody who prefers tabacco flavors.
Chris Stewart (Posted on Oct 08, 2015)
Review by nativesun
Encouraged by the 5-star reviews, I got a 30ml bottle of 12mg nicotine strength and am enjoying it greatly. The taste is strong enough, that lower strength nicotine mixes become a real alternative for those wanting to reduce their nicotine intake.

The scent of this e-liquid is just wonderful! The taste has a bit too much caramel (or something like) that for me, and took some getting used to, but Smokey Mountain is now my favorite tobacco flavor e-juice. It's a juice you can enjoy puffing instead of inhaling, so very much like pipe tobacco.

I am looking forward to trying the other VZ signature tobacco blends...this one was a good experience.

Promptly shipped. I used three hot water bath cycles to steep the liquid, followed by shaking, and that seemed to work fine for starters.

nativesun (Posted on Sep 04, 2015)
Review by susan boston
This is the very best blend I have ever had and will buy this exclusively for me from now on. If there is a draw back which it's not really but I do wish that it would come in the 0% nicotine.

Anyone loving a rich wonderful taste will love this.

Susan Boston
susan boston (Posted on Aug 28, 2015)
Review by xsmokeramy
This was my first VZ juice purchase and then I went back for a big bottle. I've tried several other sources for e-juice and VZ puts those others to SHAME. And, fortunately for me, the store is local, and although they don't give samples...they will allow you to smell the liquid which is the next best thing because I've noticed many do not have scent descriptions online, which makes it difficult. Even with descriptions it can be difficult. I don't get any "smoke-y" flavor like some other reviewers. I do get a caramel, vanilla-ish, maybe the teeniest hint of cinnamon. Possibly a little maple like another review said. To me it is very similar to RY4 but better. Definitely sweet but not like a pipe tobacco. To me its kind of surprising that it is considered a "tobacco blend" because I don't taste tobacco. But taste is so subjective anyway. If you like RY4, you will certainly like this. Caramel Cured Tobacco is also similar and is another one near the top of my list!
xsmokeramy (Posted on Jun 04, 2015)
Review by Adam Wilson
This is a tasty juice. It reminds me of BWB 555 Exotic. Nutty, smokey tobacco. VZ has some seriously good mixologists working there. I haven't disliked anything out of the 5 small bottles I bought.
Adam Wilson (Posted on May 13, 2015)
Review by mike nowell
My all time favorite,555 was my favorite but Smokey mountain took its place.If you are like me and like the more tobacco flavor except smoother and tastier,you wont be let down by this one.
mike nowell (Posted on Feb 25, 2015)
Review by james buckey
Sticking with a 4 star, still trying to find that "top shelf" tobacco flavor. A follow up to the my initial review, the cornmeal taste I described is gone. Perhaps the steep helped or I had a problem in my first wick. This now tastes very similar to a homemade pipe tobacco I picked up years ago at a small family farm in Virginia. Very good flavor and I also detect the caramel tones others have found.
james buckey (Posted on Feb 10, 2015)
Review by james buckey
Not sure of the flavor yet, it was just delivered. Just a few drops on the wick of a clean tank tastes smokey, perhaps nutty and had a pipe tobacco flavor at first. The something else I found tastes like cornmeal maybe? Strange, not bad but the best I can describe currently. WIll certainly steep for a week before trying again.
james buckey (Posted on Feb 02, 2015)
Review by Alex Ros
5 stars for sure. I am getting to the point where VZ will be my only liquid supplier. This is a smooth tobacco/nut, and something else blend. I love it right out of the mailbox. Unfortunately I have to put it in my steeping box for a week, and will go without for that time, but soon I'll be enjoying it again.
I steep ALL my e liquids for 1 week or more this gives even them an even starting point.
Alex Ros (Posted on Oct 25, 2014)
Review by Richard Jordan
This is good, real good. Fantastic even. Gonna be getting more of this. Good smokey flavor with some caramel and some I don't know what but its yummy. Might be my new favorite. If there were 10 stars I would give it 10.
Richard Jordan (Posted on Oct 23, 2014)
Review by Laurie
Smokey Mountain was my first order at VapingZone, and at first I was not sure about this flavor. However I did come back to it after a day or so and find that it does have a very smooth taste and a sweet (caramel?) undertone that you detect more on the exhale. I like it very much and definitely will be ordering more, maybe with added flavor. The lesson I learned is to give it a chance, try it once, then again, and you will find it a very pleasing vape. One general comment: I do wish that the flavor gurus at VZ would include a short description of the flavor on the website, especially with their custom blends where the name of the blend is not as obvious.
Laurie (Posted on Oct 02, 2014)
Review by Timothy Vennum
This is a nice rich tobacco, smokey, flavor. It has a carmelly, toffee like sweetness that is truly wonderful. A complex juice that is very addictive. I gotta have more of this.
This is different than any juice I've tried. Try it..., you'll like it.
Timothy Vennum (Posted on Sep 22, 2014)
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