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VZ Rose E-Liquid

VZ Rose E-Liquid

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VZ Rose E-Liquid Made by VapingZone in the USA: All VZ E-Liquids are made with a blend of  (USP) grade ingredients to include PG, VG, nicotine, and FDA approved food-grade flavorings.

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Rose Vape Flavoring

Rose E-liquid is all about the heavenly flavor of roses packed in beautiful floral vape giving a completely natural and pure essence. It is perfectly balanced with natural tastes and gives an amazing delight to the senses!

  • High Concentration

The rose vape flavoring is highly concentrated and very potent which gives an extremely pure form of e-liquid. Moreover, they are also vegan and gluten-free.

  • Finest Ingredients

All the flavors used include very fine ingredients and are extracted from rose flowers. No preservatives or colorants are used. Ethyl Alcohol is in trace amounts and nicotine is optional. It uses signature flavors that can’t be found anywhere else.

  • Sweet Fragrance

The roses in E-liquid are subtle and other ingredients are natural as not to overbear the delicacy of flowers. These organic flavors are certified and the draw is sweet while the exhale is all about distinctive fragrances of the roses and their tenderness.

  • High Standard

VapingZone’s rose e-liquid stands alone while setting an industry standard with flavors that are harmoniously blended with a hint of natural, pleasing scents as to generate a sweet finish. Everything used are certified to meet the high benchmark of the product.

  • Quality Manufacturing

Every bottle of vape juices is manufactured in a clean room facility. Food grade and pharmaceutical ingredients of best quality are used. Along with that, quality manufacturing is practiced throughout.

VapingZone is providing USA made rose e-liquid that brings quality and trust so you may never leave disappointed. You’re bound to agree once you try it yourself!

Due to personal preferences and tastes, we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for E-Liquid products. All E-Liquid purchases are final.

Reviews of VZ Rose E-Liquid
Review by Tracey Nash
Love this one mixed with the lavender one or on its own, I do like floral vapes though and their not to everyone's tastes but if you like lavender or rose lollies your very likely to love these to. :)
Tracey Nash (Posted on Jun 01, 2016)
Review by Liesl
LOVE the rose flavor and can't ever find it in a retail vape shop at home. I do pay the extra dollar for extra flavoring. It is mild but not sweet, very unique. If you're looking for something non-fruity, not sweet, but with a nice flavor, try it! But yeah, pay the extra dollar for extra flavor.
Liesl (Posted on Aug 19, 2015)
Review by Elizabeth R
I really love this flavor! My only complaint is that it's a bit too faint, so next time I order I will add extra flavoring. It's also perfect for mixing with vanilla, honey or cream flavoring!
Elizabeth R (Posted on Dec 05, 2014)
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