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VZ Red Cig E-Liquid

VZ Red Cig E-Liquid

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Buy Red Cig E-Liquid, vape juice made by VapingZone in the USA. It is a perfect blend of (USP) grade ingredients to include PG, VG, nicotine, and FDA approved food-grade flavorings.

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VZ Red Cig E-Liquid Made by VapingZone in the USA

VZ Red Cig E-Liquid is made with a blend of (USP) grade ingredients to include PG, VG, nicotine, and food-grade flavorings.

VZ Red Cig e-liquid is a tobacco flavored e-juice that closely emulates the flavor of a variety of popular brands. VZ Red Cig E-Liquid provides a bold, yet smooth satisfying taste. This E-liquid is an excellent choice for those users that want a vape juice that is true to the taste of a tobacco flavor. As with all our e-liquids, you can choose between a wide range of nicotine levels and bottle sizes so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Vaping gets much better when you try out our VZ Red Cig e-liquid with its delicious flavor. If you are looking for a true tobacco taste then our Red Cig E-juice is not to be missed. We are quite particular about the quality of our products and our customers enjoying maximum satisfaction. Thus, our VZ Red Cig e-liquid is made to be refreshingly satisfying as it gives users an amazing vaping experience. If you enjoy vaping, this is simply one of the best e-liquid products you can buy.

The Red Cig E liquid was specially formulated to provide a pleasurable all day vaping experience.

We have many different flavors of our e-liquid as well as different bottle sizes with a wide range of levels of nicotine. You can choose whether you want a high to low or zero level of liquid nicotine, we have many levels to choose from to meet all of your needs.  For vapers who prefer big clouds of smoke and/or sub-ohm vaping, we have a large variety of e-liquids that have varying quantities of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG).

Our e-liquid products offer the best value for the price.  We also have a wide range of flavors for vapers who might want to try different vaping flavors.  Affordable prices and our high quality vaping products will have you coming back for more.  Experience true vaping now, get your Red Cig e-liquid today.

Due to personal preferences and tastes, we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for marlboro vape juice. All E-Liquid purchases are final.

Reviews of VZ Red Cig E-Liquid
Review by saleh alghanem
Amazing flavor for smokers
If you smok 2 packets (40 cigarettes) per day I advise to order 24mg nicotine and choice extra flavor .
Thanks vapingzone
saleh alghanem (Posted on Mar 20, 2018)
Review by Joe Villa
Terrific liquid. So far this is my favorite. I will try others but this one sets the bar. Good taste and smoothness.
Joe Villa (Posted on Mar 09, 2018)
Review by MarlboroRed Man
This was the number one best flavor Ive found that smells n tastes like Marlboro Red. I used to smoke 3 packs a day. After you get used to this, real cigarettes become DISGUSTING. 5 stars
MarlboroRed Man (Posted on Dec 16, 2017)
Review by Brian
I got this juice about a week ago and the first impression was a little disappointing. I have been vaping for about 4 years and this flavor I don't know how to describe. After about 1/2 hour this one really grew on me! This may turn out to be my all day juice, I like it a lot. All vape flavors need to be vaped a while before passing judgement. This "Red" is great stuff!
Brian (Posted on Dec 09, 2017)
Review by Cindy Patterson
Awesome! This is the only thing that I use. Great product. You can't go wrong with this.
Cindy Patterson (Posted on Oct 19, 2017)
Review by Scott
I tried other tobacco flavors and found them to be way too sweet or dry. My search is done! Fast shipping and good prices also.
Scott (Posted on Oct 15, 2017)
Review by Iris Ray
I really like this brand. I have been vaping for three years now, and really enjoy this flavor. I have tried numerous vape shops, and this is the best thus far. Fast shipping and order is always correct!
Iris Ray (Posted on Sep 17, 2017)
Review by Laura
This brand is as close to a real cig then any other I have tried including other vaping stores.
Laura (Posted on Mar 10, 2017)
Review by Kevin McCreary
Love it!! Was a almost 3 pack a day smoker and this juice got me to quit. Been loving this flavor for over 3 years. Still my everyday flavor.
Kevin McCreary (Posted on Dec 17, 2016)
Review by Mark P
I've been vaping this now for 2 years, its my everyday. I looked for months trying to find the closest to a Marlboro Red as possible and this is it. Some are either too sweet or too nutty or heavy on the fake pipe smoke flavor. This has none of that, this is thee best red youll find, trust me. also excellent shipping super fast everytime.
Mark P (Posted on Nov 25, 2016)
Review by David Clouser
Flavor is good. Good quality. Just not enough throat hit at 12mg compared to other 12mg juices I have.
David Clouser (Posted on Aug 09, 2016)
Review by James Farrell
5 stars. I have tried many juices and this one will be it for quite a long time. I have smoked for over 35 years and finally can put down the nasty analogs. Right now I am at the 36mg level but will be cutting that down in a few months. Just ordered 50 ml
James Farrell (Posted on Jul 30, 2016)
Review by Wanda
I am all new to vaping and I've bn smoking
Marlboro red for years, I bought a Marlboro
Red juice at a local vape shop and loved
It. I've read alot of reviews so
I'm really curious about what steeping is.
Don't mean to sound silly but like I said
I'm new to all this, just been vaping for
A couple weeks now.
Wanda (Posted on Jul 25, 2016)
Review by melvin keith jr
Good vape. I love it in the morning with my coffee,and bud light.
melvin keith jr (Posted on Jul 12, 2016)
Review by KenP
I have never wrote a review for e juice.but I had to on this juice.keep in mind I haven't had a real CIG for about 6 months.I have to say this is almost like the clean tast of a CIG.I even smoked a real CIG to compare the tast the e juice wins of course lol it tasts like a clean CIG at best I can say.the real CIG I smoked wasn't a Marlboro BTW.but if your looking for a e juice that taste like a real CIG.this is it guys.I also was buying from a cheaper vape company.this is a bit more pricy,but you get what you pay for.I will always come back here from now on.the ejuice from here taste so much better and last longer.
KenP (Posted on Jul 11, 2016)
Review by TJ
Even after smoking different name brands and many cheaper brands for 35 years, I still found this flavor to be way too much. Bear in mind taste is subjective. For me it had a very strong throat kick. The red over-powered my taste buds. I was unable to finish off 1.5 ml. Kinda reminded me of a Lucky Strike without the filter. 3 stars for living up to it's name.
TJ (Posted on Jul 02, 2016)
Review by Jordan
I ordered a 10ml bottle Monday and it arrived today. Was I surprised! Smooth all the way. I ordered a 50ml bottle today. This will be added to my "favorites" list.
Jordan (Posted on May 07, 2016)
Review by Johnny Elvington
I'm starting to prefer it to smoking!
Johnny Elvington (Posted on Apr 02, 2016)
Review by Massone
Well, posting again, I learned my lesson the hard way and just threw $20 down the drain, I ran out early and needed a quick tobacco red flavor, so I tried my local vape shop, DISGUSTING!!!!! Tasted like pure burnt maple syrup and was harsh and gave me a migraine, I am never letting this happen again, this is by far the best red tobacco flavor you will ever find! I wish it was here already, I just ordered it minutes ago, and I can't wait. I'm gonna have to buy some analogs until it gets here. Thanks for reading. Thanks vapingzone for having the best red eliquid on the market!!!!!!!!!!!
Massone (Posted on Mar 19, 2016)
Review by Matthew Malovic
Mild, smooth tobacco taste with light sweet spot. I rotate this with 3 other tobacco flavors, but this is my favorite and use it about 50 - 60% of the time. I'm using it std. flavoring at 6mg nicotine down from 20 mg.
Matthew Malovic (Posted on Mar 17, 2016)
Review by Massone
This is my all day vape, i smoked marlboro reds for ten years, now nothing will taste like a real cigarette, this has come the closest to a red type flavor thats out there, i vape 3ml of this at 24mg a day. I love it. The flavor will grow on you, for the people saying its not sweet at all, in my opinion it has a sweet undertone, if you put a drop on your finger and lick it, youll taste it. The thing is, the sweetness is not overpowering. When you get it, itll b crystal clear, in about ten days itll get that rich golden color, make sure you steep it in a dark cool place n take the dropper lid off. Its much better after steeped like everyone suggested. You will come to love this flavor like i have. Im a customer for life.
Massone (Posted on Mar 10, 2016)
Review by lyle Fair
I have tried several flavors from multiple places and this is the best one I have found. The flavor is something you can vape on all day long and is about as close as you can get to the real fact I prefer this over the real deal now.
lyle Fair (Posted on Jan 24, 2016)
Review by Gary McDonough
Product fine, order process a cluster
Gary McDonough (Posted on Dec 27, 2015)
Review by Stewart
Wasn't easy letting go of my habit, but this juice helped me. I smoked Marlboro Reds for 20+ years. I didn't think it was possible! My recommendation is to stay away from the sweet vapes until you are able to lay down the real smokes. This will help I believe and of course you need a little determination. This flavor stays on my favorite list. Vapingzone is the best source for this tobacco flavor.
Stewart (Posted on Oct 09, 2015)
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