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VZ Menthol Eucalyptus E-Liquid Made by VapingZone in the USA - Our VZ Menthol Eucalyptus E-Liquid is made from a blend of menthol and eucalyptus flavorings, provides a pleasantly cool taste that is perfect for both menthol and non-menthol vapers.

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VZ Menthol Eucalyptus E-Liquid

Are you looking for a unique e-liquid flavor? How about something cool, refreshing, and soothing? Our VZ Menthol Eucalyptus E-Liquid may be perfect for you. Made from a blend of menthol and eucalyptus flavorings, this e-juice provides a pleasantly cool taste that is perfect for both menthol and non-menthol vapers. So, if you are a menthol vaper looking for some added vape flavor or a regular vaper just looking to explore something new and different then you may want to give our Menthol-Eucalyptus E-liquid flavor a try.

Our VZ Menthol Eucalyptus E-Liquid produces both great vape flavor and excellent vapor production.

All VZ E-Liquids are made with a blend of (USP) grade ingredients to include PG(Propylene Glycol), VG(Vegetable Glycerin), nicotine, and FDA approved food-grade flavorings.

Due to personal preferences and tastes, we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for E-Liquid products. All E-Liquid purchases are final.

Review by Lesley Stewart
This is my liquid. Period. THank you!
Lesley Stewart (Posted on Jan 18, 2018)
Review by Andrew
Ordered a Double Flavor, Double Icy combo just for amusement and Wow! Dare you to try it if you love this category of E-liquid. Will be re-ordering in a larger size next time.
Andrew (Posted on Jan 10, 2018)
Review by Monty
I finally quit smoking for good five months ago. Have almost exclusively been vaping this flavour, day in, day out. Absolutely love it. Just ordered two more 250ml bottles.

Was a menthol smoker, this really has been a great substitute for the stinkies. I never seem to get tired of the flavour.
Monty (Posted on Nov 05, 2017)
Review by Nancy Thomas
This is forever my go to liquid. I add ice and extra flavor. I had such problems with sinuses even after I quit smoking-no more. Thx guys for great service and products.
Nancy Thomas (Posted on Jul 29, 2017)
Review by Keith
Absolutely love this juice. Added the icy to it and it's amazing. Also, it's perfect for clearing out the carbon black that gets put in my lungs all day from working in a tire factory. Just wish i could add another flavour or two to it to get it to taste like AirWaves Gum.
Keith (Posted on Jan 15, 2017)
Review by Tyler Hayes
Phenomenal vapour production although I was looking for that Vicks Vapo-Rub intensity which sadly wasn't there. Decent vape, but was hoping for more. Might mix with the Menthol Icy flavour to balance to the two out.
Tyler Hayes (Posted on Sep 21, 2015)
Review by Sam
It is an absolutely strong eucalyptus taste with a strong menthol throat hit. It is a great juice to mix in with other juices to add a menthol icy flavor to any other flavor. Definitely recommend it. I would also bet it works good during a cold :p
Sam (Posted on Nov 28, 2014)
Review by Patrciia Pompei
Really like this flavor. There is a dusty back drop in the throat hit that I somehow really enjoy. Something different and exotic about this flavor that will keep me vaping it. Highly recommend this.
Patrciia Pompei (Posted on May 04, 2014)
Review by Terry Powell

Skeptical of course at first. But after a few puffs and comparing it to the fireball.
Well, Fireball will not be another of my purchases. But, But, But the Menthol
eucalyptus is certainly a flavor I will purchase in 50ml size. Also like menthol and will give that a whirl with them. Have'nt tried their menthol yet.
Terry Powell (Posted on Mar 03, 2014)
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