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VZ White Cig E-Liquid

VZ White Cig E-Liquid

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VZ White Cig E-Liquid Made by VapingZone in the USA. VZ White Cig e-liquid is a thriller. The sensation that it brings is consistently pleasant. It literarily sets off your tongue in an explosion of taste and pleasure. 

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VZ White Cig E-Liquid Made by VapingZone in the USA


All VZ E-Liquids are made with a blend of (USP) grade ingredients to include PG, VG, nicotine, and food-grade flavorings.


VZ White Cig e-liquid is a tobacco flavored e cig juice that closely emulates the flavor of a variety of popular brands of cigarettes. VZ White Cig provides a smooth andsatisfying taste.


This vape liquid is an excellent choice for those users that want an electronic vape juice that has a true tobacco flavor. As with all our e-liquids, you can choose between a wide range of nicotine levels and bottle sizes so you can find the one that’s right for you.


There are quite a number of vaping products on the market, but few will ever take you as close to a realistic experience of enjoyable vaping like the VZ White Cig E-liquid. This e-liquid was specially formulated from high quality ingredients with the sole purpose of giving users a sensation that makes vaping a great experience.


The VZ White Cig e-liquid is formulated to create a special blend of vaping juice that is as good as the very best vaping liquids that you can find on the market. For anyone who enjoys the pleasure of electronic smoking, the VZ White Cig e-liquid is a thriller. While some will prefer amazing throat hit, some are all for really big and thick clouds while others simply desire that their tongues are really tingling with the pleasure of flavors.


We are reputable, professional e-juice manufacturers and supplier of hardware. Alongside our VZ White Cig e-liquid, we have a host of different flavors that can cater to the taste and preferences of all our customers. Our customer service is top notch. Our vaping products are quite affordable, at the same time, offering amazing value for the money. Do you desire a fantastic vaping experience? Order the VZ White Cig e-liquid today and vaping for you will never be the same.

Due to personal preferences and tastes, we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for E-Liquid products. All E-Liquid purchases are final.

Reviews of VZ White Cig E-Liquid
Review by shannon
one of my favorites.
shannon (Posted on Aug 06, 2018)
Review by michael vickers
Good stuff !!
michael vickers (Posted on Aug 02, 2018)
Review by njbruce
Just started my vaping transition from close to 50 years of smoking. Although I did get down to light cigarettes, recently my habit was two packs a day. My first e-juice was a full flavored 6mg nicotine and boy was that harsh. I could not continue with that unaltered (sort of did show me some benefit to having gone to the lightest cigarette I could). Researched further and found this. Although the flavor is not exact, I can work with this one in my effort to cut down and/or quit my smoking habit. In a week, I really have a vast reduction in my actual cigarette consumption. Would like to see flavored light tobacco options but I am sure I can be an alchemist and try a mix of flavorings with this.
njbruce (Posted on Feb 06, 2018)
Review by michael vickers
Good stuff!!
michael vickers (Posted on Jan 13, 2018)
Review by Robin Salley
Using Kanger T3-S eGo Bottom Coil Clearomizer 2.2 ohm & eGo-T Passthrough 900MAH battery (24mg Nicotine) = light/no throat hit ~ very light taste of woody/leafy taste ~ medium woody/leafy vapor with maybe a light hint of a maple syrup smell. (I started vaping with flavors so to me it's kinda nasty/stinky now that I'm more into to the flavors.)
Robin Salley (Posted on Feb 28, 2017)
Review by EML-FLA
Vz did a really good job on this one. Took a vap and guess what it tastes like a light cig! Then I remembered with vapor I can choose the nic level so I like the full flavor of red even though I give this 5 stars because it does taste like a light. If light is the taste you crave you will probably like this allot!
EML-FLA (Posted on Jan 24, 2017)
Review by Bob Read
very good flavor my third time to order
Bob Read (Posted on Jan 03, 2017)
Review by Nancy Stevens
Excellent flavor
Nancy Stevens (Posted on Aug 27, 2016)
Review by Vergjina Mati
I like this one better than the real cig red
Vergjina Mati (Posted on Jul 18, 2016)
Review by Kurt Kauffeld
Good Product
Kurt Kauffeld (Posted on May 28, 2016)
Review by Timothy Fleenor
I've tried many flavors, but I always come back to this.
Timothy Fleenor (Posted on Apr 30, 2016)
Review by Kevin Karasz
I like this one better than the real cig red. Real cig red is good if you like a heavy sweet tobacco smoke. I vape at work and quit the red because people around me were asking others if they smelled pancakes and syrup :-) the vape puts that scent out. The light is really good, just like the red but not a strong vapor smell. Its a good true tobacco liquid. Apple Jack is still my favorite!
Kevin Karasz (Posted on Apr 14, 2016)
Review by Susan Watkins
This juice reminds me of the scent in a tobacco barn where the leaves were curing. Such a great taste. If you want a great flavor to replace a cigarette...this is it.
Susan Watkins (Posted on Feb 18, 2016)
Review by Leslie Brown
Leslie Brown (Posted on Sep 20, 2015)
Review by Jonathan Coleman
good juice. actually helps me not smoke cigs
Jonathan Coleman (Posted on Jul 19, 2015)
Review by Jonathan Kent
Perfect juice...enough said!
Jonathan Kent (Posted on Feb 26, 2015)
Review by Nick McCormick
Great for first transition from real cigs to the vaping world. I was smokn american spiritt light and this was a close match.
Nick McCormick (Posted on Aug 18, 2014)
Review by chris gaumer
I would give this 5 stars but it tastes better when you add something to it. I did 20 drops of this E-juice (24mg) and 10 drops of E-Smokey treat Dry blend 24mg. And I must say I like the blend a lot. I even went as far to add a few drops of Cherry OR a few drops of butterscotch. Gave the blend a nice flavor and love it.
chris gaumer (Posted on May 14, 2014)
Review by Alan Barton
So far it is working to help quit smoking!
Alan Barton (Posted on Apr 13, 2014)
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