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VZ E-Smart 420mah 510 E-Cig Kit - Stainless

VZ E-Smart 420mah 510 E-Cig Kit - Stainless

VZ E-Smart 420mah 510 E-Cig Kit - Stainless Steel Color.

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E-Smart 420mah 510 E-Cig Starter Kit

If you are wanting to try out vaping or want something small that doesn’t cost too much, then the VZ E-Smart 410 mAh 510 E-Cig Kit is highly recommended for you. This e cig starter kit comes with literally everything you need to get started into vaping. If you are a first time vapor and looking to quit smoking, this is something that we suggest.

VZ E-Smart 420mah 510 E-Cig Kits are not very big. This E-Cig Kit comes with two vape pens. This allows you to swap over to the second vape pen if the e cig battery life on the first vape pen is coming to the end. You can also keep two different e-liquid flavors in each individual pen. That way you don’t mix them up, which can impact the amount of vape flavor you get from them. Being stainless steel, all parts are cleanable without getting damaged.

Both vape tanks come with a VZ E-Smart 510 clearomizer vape tank. Each tank has a maximum capacity of holding 1.3 ml of e-liquid, which is plenty as it is a small powered device. Having a coil resistance of 2.0 Ohms it will not go through e-liquid that quickly and will not consume a high quantity of demanding battery power.

How To Fill E Liquid in VZ E-Smart 510 clearomizer vape tank

The filling is even easier than you thought. All you need to do is unscrew the removable drip tip and pour in your e-juice of your choice into the sides of the glass until you reach the desired level. The tank has a clear design and it allows you to always keep track of how much e-liquid is left in the tank. You can see if your vape tank is running low, to avoid the risk of vaping while the coil dry. The vape coils are non replaceable, so after a couple of weeks of use, if you notice a degrade in clouds or flavor, provide brand new VZ E-Smart 510 clearomizer vape tank replacements. So, you can simply unscrew your old one and switch it over with a brand new one. No messing around with changing coils.

You might be thinking that the e cig battery life is only 420 mAh and that they won’t last too long. Being very efficient in design, they consume less power as the coil used in the supplied cartomizer is not sub ohm. Not only you get the vape pens, but you also get a handy, durable carrying case and a USB to mains adapter with a charging cable. We provide a fast outlet charger, so literally it will only take a few hours for the vape pens to charge up, so you won’t be waiting around for this kit.

For the price, the VZ E-Smart 420 510 E-CIG Starter Kit comes with all the feature expensive vape mods come with. It comes with a short circuit protection, overheating protection and auto shut off if the firing button is held down for too long. You can also turn off and on the vape pen by clicking the fire button five times. The button will light up blue when it's activated. Charging is a simple process, if you can charge your mobile phone, you can charge the vape pen. Simply plug the USB connector into the port on the mains adapter. Unscrew the vape tank from the battery and screw it onto the charging block. Switch on the outlet, the light will be red when charging and green when fully charged.

This is the simplest vape pen that you are going to come across. No confusing digital screen and adjustable settings to perfect your vape. Simply pick up the device and begin to vape. Having a standard ego style 510 connector this gives you the ability to purchase different vape tanks sold on  

Contents of E-Smart 420mah 510 E-Cig Kit:

1.  2 - 420mAh 510 Manual Battery

2.  2 - 510 E-Smart Tank Empty 2ohm

3.  1 - AC adapter + USB cable charger

4.  VZ Carrying Case

E-liquid sold separately 

Warranty and Replacement info:

15 days replacement on defective parts or DOA, beginning from the date shipped. No Refunds. Physical damage is not covered by the return policy.  The customer is responsible for paying to ship the defective item to Vapingzone for warranty replacement.

An item may be replaced one time under warranty.

Sorry, but there is no warranty or replacement on atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers or tanks.

E-liquid must be filled properly and maintained to avoid a burnt taste.