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VZ Cig Super Concentrated Flavor- VZ Cig Flavoring come as close to the taste of tobacco as any flavoring offered in the market.


VZ Cig Super Concentrated Vape Flavor

In sampling countless bottles of tobacco flavored e-liquids over the years we have concluded that emulating the taste of traditional tobacco can be a daunting task. That is why we developed our VZ Cig Super Concentrated E Liquid Flavoring. We have found through all of our taste testing and customer feedback that VZ Cig Flavoring come as close to the taste of tobacco as any flavoring offered in the market.

VZ Cig Super Concentrated Flavoring is naturally derived from tobacco leaves so it produces a flavor that is as close to the taste of tobacco as you can find anywhere.

VZ Cig is a super concentrated flavor, so you only have to use approximately 2.5% in your formula to provide the taste you are looking for.

Wholesale sizes and quantities are also available.

  • 5ml of flavoring will make 200ml of e-liquid; 1ml of flavoring will make 40ml of e-liquid.

  • Due to personal preferences, tastes and mixing styles, we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for flavoring. All flavoring purchases are final.

  • This is an alcohol based flavoring and is extremely concentrated. Recommended percentage for DIY is 2.5%.

Review by caroline Kurowski
Got the flavor today and made it up as 2.5% and vaped it before steeping it. Tastes like tobacco but more on the side of pipe tobacco to me. I am hoping after steeping it will settle out and be more like cig tobacco flavor. It is not harsh, smooth flavor, taste is nice and don't go over 2.5%. I am hoping it settles out over the next couple of days because I am so tired of all the other flavors out there and need something neutral. I found the best all around flavor is natural black current, if you can find it anymore and would ne brilliant mixed with this flavor.
caroline Kurowski (Posted on Sep 14, 2018)
Review by darren knight
best flavor for the real cig taste
darren knight (Posted on Mar 24, 2018)
Review by Milos Lero
Nice, straight up, cigarette style tobacco. Dry and on point. I use it solo, even though it is obviously a great base for mixing. You could make the flavor more complex by adding some vanilla, cherry or smokiness, but I prefer it as is. Smell from the bottle is smell of freshly opened pack of smokes. Don't overdo it. Use it 2-2.5% as recommended. Letting your mix air overnight will help if you detect alcohol.
Milos Lero (Posted on Apr 20, 2017)
Review by Mad Mick
I mix a touch with my daily vape to make it more satisfying.
Has to be the best Analogue equivalent I've tried and a good intro for smokers. Perfect for when you miss the filthy, dirty cigarette taste.
Very strong and don't spill the concentrate cause it stinks.
They should change the name to Chicken, cause it's Fowl. Just what you need sometimes;)
Works well with caramel, coffee and sweet tobacco flavors.
Using Kanger PT3 with varying voltages and OHMs
Mad Mick (Posted on Feb 12, 2017)
Review by Aaron Roberts
This has a great flavor, but the smell is overwhelming, even mixed at a low percentage. It literally gets in my clothes and can be smelled by others, so I don't use it at work. Everything has a tradeoff, I suppose.
Aaron Roberts (Posted on Nov 01, 2016)
Review by William Brust
Very nice flavor
William Brust (Posted on Oct 08, 2016)
Review by Trisha Treadwell
I've been using this for 2 years now. All I can say is it's the best! I love the taste, I smoked Marlboro 100"s and this definitely made me not want the flavor in ciggaretts. I use it at 2.5%.
Trisha Treadwell (Posted on Sep 15, 2016)
Review by Khams72
My everyday vape. Just got my two 30 ml last week
Khams72 (Posted on Sep 09, 2016)
Review by dale humphrey
This is VZ desert ship in my opinion, if i had to guess the recipe.. 75%desert ship, maybe a little parliament, and one or two other flavors all mixed together.
dale humphrey (Posted on Jul 26, 2016)
Review by vickie
Best thing to get if you miss real CIG..after quitting..awesome..
vickie (Posted on Jul 25, 2016)
Review by vickie
Great tasting Vape kinda like real thing.gonna order again..everybody what tryed it said same definitely recommend.
vickie (Posted on Jul 13, 2016)
Review by carole burroughs
I like to vape this when im really craving a cigarette.
its the closest ive found to the real thing. I vape 555 most of the time for the
good flavor. But this is the one that kinda has that ashy flavor you get
from a cigarette.
carole burroughs (Posted on May 12, 2016)
Review by Ezvapesalot
Worthy of 5 stars...
I found this to be very pleasant to vape. Was a bit surprised when I finally got to it. Upgraded my devices and primarily interested in super concentrated flavors now. You can't miss with this one. Very, very nice indeed.
Ezvapesalot (Posted on Apr 24, 2016)
Review by Khams72
I am agree with all five stars review!
Khams72 (Posted on Apr 10, 2016)
Review by frode blokhus
This is the best flavor i have tested.
Mixed 3,5% of "Real Cig" in 70%PG/30%VG 36mg nicotine and "Quick stepped" it in hot and Cold water to be able to test it asap :-P
No sweet taste, only a round tobacco taste that i love to wape in my Kanger protankIII at 4,0V DEFENTLY my New favourite.
To all ppl that not live in US like me, this juce store is fantastic, and ship fast to me all the way to Norway in just 7-10 days.
frode blokhus (Posted on Feb 27, 2016)
if someone dreaming the old bad habits of smoking must try
this flavor..but you must taste it with a good base of nicotine
and i suggest a mix of 80pg 20vg or 70pg 30vg
this flavor needs pg to give the best like all smoke flavors..this is my
i used 3 drops in 5ml of liquid 80pg 20vg
sory about my bad english
PANAGIOTIS KANTZOURAS (Posted on Feb 18, 2016)
Review by Scott
A very nice straight up tobacco flavor. Recommended
Scott (Posted on Jan 29, 2016)
Review by HES1956
This is it!! Full tobacco flavor, fantastic with a little menthol. After trying so many others
with flowery chemical taste or liquorice, I am tired of wasting money on flavors that I do not
like or are outright bad. Real Cig is right on what I was wanting. Try with toffee or peach, or
it's very nice as a stand alone. ( The wife does not like the smell of this vape, it does have a
real cigarette aroma that carries on exhale). I will be offering most of my other tobacco's
on ECF. The ashy note makes it a good mixer with the Parliament flavor.
With Parliament and Real Cig I am good to go.
HES1956 (Posted on Jan 20, 2016)
Review by Don Miner
This flavoring is AMAZING!! Finally, I have found that flavor Ive been looking for. Mixed 5 drops in 10 ml 40pg 60vg 18mg nicotine. if you have been looking for that CIGARETTE taste, this is the one!
Don Miner (Posted on Jan 17, 2016)
Review by Pablo Rocha
Pretty good flavor if you mix with another flavors. Alone it tastes like smoke, but when mixed with other flavors it gives a good cigarette feel. Tasted using a 80pg/20vg mix
Pablo Rocha (Posted on Dec 03, 2015)
Review by Jeremy Gleason
Good but not what I was expecting. It is not that this is a bad flavor, I was just expecting a more ashy flavor to it and it does not have that. Instead I got a sweeter taste, more like pipe tobacco. I will still enjoy this one though!
Jeremy Gleason (Posted on Oct 06, 2015)
Review by Robert Smith
WoW! I was a little hesitant after reading that this had a bit of a floral flavor - as I wouldn't like anything that tasted that way. But... after trying this stuff, I think I found a new all day vape!! There is just something about this taste that is sooo much like a real cig. Very pleasant! Now, I do understand where the comment came from 'floral flavor" but to me it's more like a fresh tobacco leaf. I've tried MANY tobacco flavors and this just became my new favorite. Try it - I think you'll like it! Five Stars!
Robert Smith (Posted on Jun 15, 2015)
Review by Hany ibrahim
What I expect
Hany ibrahim (Posted on Jun 08, 2015)
Review by vaprvixn
I have tried a lot of tobacco flavorings, and by a lot I really mean A LOT. I don't dislike this flavor, but I'm confused as to what other people are tasting, because this tobacco is rather on the floral side. I've been vaping for about 29 months now, and I was a smoker for 15 years before that. I know what tobacco tastes like. This flavoring doesn't taste like any major brand cigarettes out there. The closest one I would say it comes to might be an American Spirit light, but even then it's more perfumy than even those are.

That said, this does work well mixed with other tobacco blends that are less perfumy and more smokey or woody. Mixed in with VZ old captain and black cigar it tastes a bit more like a real smoke. Overall it's not a bad vape, but it didn't wow me like I was expecting from most of the reviews. Maybe I'm just super picky with my tobaccos, as my favorites are Flavourarts Shade, CamT, and Black Fire, but I find this one to be good enough to be a bender tobacco as long as I'm aiming for something more on the floral side. If you don't want a floral type tobacco don't go with this one.
vaprvixn (Posted on May 08, 2015)
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