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Tab Blended Concentrated Hangsen Flavor

Tab Blended Concentrated Hangsen Flavor

Tab Blended Concentrated Hangsen Flavor

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Tab Blended Concentrated Hangsen Flavor

This is a concentrated flavoring.  Recommended percentage for DIY is between 5% and 7%. 

Manufactured by:  Hangsen

Line:  Essence

Made in China

Reviews of Tab Blended Concentrated Hangsen Flavor
Review by T.Kobayashi
Tab Blended has that typical nutty flavour. Just a bit to much for my taste. I'll stick to the Hangsen's Deluxe tobacco and the classic Ry-4 and the Red USA Mix.and that's all I really need.. Thumps up!! 4 fast shipping and good service. I Love VZ
T.Kobayashi (Posted on May 30, 2016)
Review by Andy C
This is a damn good vape, whether on it's own or mixed with others like black cigar. I mix it with everything and it's all good except with vanilla frappuccino. I had to pour that back out of the tank, it was so awful. But it wasn't TABs fault. Thank you.
Andy C (Posted on Feb 14, 2016)
Review by Johntodd
Salty, nutty, tobacco! Delicious!

If you want a tobacco that truly tastes like tobacco BUT gives you a different flavor profile, then try this.

One of my all-time favorites, right here.

Careful what you mix it with: This one likes to dominate. If you don't let it dominate, it sulks and goes home like a schoolboy. But when mixed well with the right flavors, it is an outstanding mixer.

Plays OK with others. Would buy again.
Johntodd (Posted on Jun 06, 2015)
Review by Gadd
This is as close to DK Tab as I have been able to find so far. DK Tab has been my go to vape for the past year and a half. I mixed this at 10% and get a nice full bodied Tab flavor. Though not exactly the same, it is close. I added a couple of drops of SC Cream and it made it even closer. This one will be in my inventory from now on. Enjoy
Gadd (Posted on Jul 30, 2014)
Review by Robert LoRusso
This is the second Hangsen flavor i've tryed...And it is AWSOME...Tastes like the DK-tab
Excellent flavor..Your gonna love this one if you like the DK-Tab..
Robert LoRusso (Posted on Jul 18, 2014)