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SC-Peach Super Concentrated Flavor

SC-Peach Super Concentrated Flavor

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Peach Super Concentrated Flavor


Peach Super Concentrated Flavor

This is an alcohol based flavoring and is extremely concentrated.  Recommended percentage for DIY is 2.5%. 

5ml of flavoring will make 200ml of e-liquid; 1ml of flavoring will make 40ml of e-liquid.

Due to personal preferences, tastes and mixing styles, we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for flavoring.  All flavoring purchases are final.

Reviews of SC-Peach Super Concentrated Flavor
Review by Annie B
I love this flavor! It's the best peach I've ever used! I used to mix it with tobacco flavorings a lot. You won't regret it :)
Annie B (Posted on Jul 01, 2017)
Review by Rocktownvapor
Delicious. I would vape this for the room note alone.
Rocktownvapor (Posted on Dec 21, 2016)
Review by Lawrence Hall
I'd start at 4% I tried 3&5 and 5% was quite strong.
Mouthwatering, wonderful smell
Lawrence Hall (Posted on Jul 11, 2016)
Review by Michael Galbraith
Absolutely wonderful, encompassing the entire taste of the peach.
Michael Galbraith (Posted on Apr 25, 2016)
Review by Michael Galbraith
Absolutely wonderful!
Michael Galbraith (Posted on Apr 25, 2016)
Review by Scott
Very nice peach flavor. Hit it with a few drops of the cream concentrate and you have a perfect peaches and cream juice. Nice
Scott (Posted on Jan 29, 2016)
Review by Marnus Zwarts
My favourite SC flavour so far. Really good peachy taste, and strong at 2.5% on Igo-L. Brilliant flavour, and even better mixed 1.5% peach and 1% menthol!
Marnus Zwarts (Posted on Nov 01, 2015)
Review by JJ1977
I mix this one 2.25% with 1.5% cream last week its all i use, my new ADV on my vamo along with a few others on my other PV's.
JJ1977 (Posted on Oct 19, 2015)
Review by George
This is great. The recipe I am using is:

24mg 40PG/60VG nic-juice
VZ Peach SC 3.5%
TFA Vanilla Cupcake 3.5%
FA - MTS Vape Wizard 2%
Stevia 2%

I started vaping this at 3.6V and have finally settled in on 3.2V with a 2.2ohm Kangar T3. At this setting the vapor has a cool, distinct, sweet peach taste. The longer this sits, the smoother, mellower and more peachy it becomes.

This flavor is really quite a pleasure to vape; I recommend it.
George (Posted on Jun 26, 2015)
Review by vaprvixn
This is one of the few peach flavors that I have found that encompasses the entire peach, the skin, the meat and the juice. It is an all around wonderful peach flavor. It's extremely strong, 2-5 drops is really all that is needed. Too much of this juice might make it taste funky. It works well as a blender fruit.
vaprvixn (Posted on Jun 12, 2015)
Review by hroje safran
round and foxy :)) i like paches,i love this one!! Barely stop myself from eating clearomizer,it s that good,god go peach! Salute VZ
hroje safran (Posted on May 27, 2015)
Review by Elias Gourvelos
This is by far my favorite vape.

As mentioned in another review I mix 50/50 PG/VG and low nicotine 4 - 6mg

I sampled this peach flavor in various strengths and various devices, from silica wicks to stainless wicked atty's, carto's etc.

The peach taste is refreshing, a definite all day vape that wont leave you feeling like youve had too much, once I got my mix right I went through 10ml of the mix in one day.

The taste is like a sweet crisp fuzzy peach with a slight tang to it, it is definitely not a ripe peach like some others I have tasted that give you that undiluted cordial taste.

I recommend that if using something like a vivi nova tank / clearomizer to mix it up to 2.5% but if used in a stainless steel wick atty or a carto setup then reduce it to around 1.75% - 2%.

It's the first peach flavor that does not leave me with a "need water" after taste, use it on the cooler side of vaping to enjoy the full flavor but still holds true at higher temperatures although you will loose the tangy sensation.

Elias Gourvelos (Posted on Feb 15, 2015)
Review by robert crilly
still searching but best yet
robert crilly (Posted on Sep 06, 2014)
Review by BlueSnake
This must be fresh peach juice. Great by itself or with a little cream added.

Can also be added to tobaccos for a wonderful peach tobacco or combined with any number of other juices for some unique flavor treats.

VZ super concentrated flavors make DiYing very simple.
BlueSnake (Posted on Sep 01, 2014)
Review by sarah ann hutchins
Tastes just likes sweet peach. I like my flavours strong so I used 10% flavour.
sarah ann hutchins (Posted on Jul 28, 2014)
Review by JC Okie
This peach is PERFECT. It tastes like a fresh-picked peach....juicy and just right. It's not like peach candy. I've been looking for the perfect peach and I've found it. It is clean, fresh, juicy tasting. My new all-day vape.
JC Okie (Posted on Apr 18, 2014)
Review by A Ray
Best peach I have ever tried.
A Ray (Posted on Apr 06, 2014)
Review by MrBeo
Clean, Juicy and bright, 100% True to the name! A spot on Peach. This has to be another juice that's the real thing. Bravo Vz - Bravo!!! Excellent high end vaping at its finest...
★★★★★ Another one to try is BlackBerry - Peach - Mandarin the best of the best.
MrBeo (Posted on Apr 03, 2014)
Review by Jimi D
I think this peach fell off the tree. Sooo juicy!!
Jimi D (Posted on Mar 21, 2014)
Review by justme
Excellent peach juicy and sweet like the real deal you will not be disappointed.
justme (Posted on Mar 11, 2014)
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