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SC-Parliament Tobacco Super Concentrated Flavor

SC-Parliament Tobacco Super Concentrated Flavor

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Parliament Super Concentrated Flavor: This is an alcohol based flavoring and is extremely concentrated. Recommended percentage for DIY is 2.5%. 

5ml of flavoring will make 200ml of e-liquid; 1ml of flavoring will make 40ml of e-liquid.


Parliament Super Concentrated Flavor

Parliament flavor provides a subtle tobacco flavor with a hint of hazelnut, just like you are making coffee making. It is as tempting to the consumers as a coffee. It is a real tobacco flavor that won't deceive you and the aroma it gives you is something to die for. This Parliament flavor for electronic cigarettes is no doubt to flourish as the days go by.

Features Of Parliament Concentrated Flavor:

  • Water-soluble

Parliament Tobacco Super Concentrated e-cigarettes are water soluble and they have been served along with alcohol-based flavoring.

  • Natural

Its composition includes natural tobacco as an absolute with the extract of artificially flavored alcohol. As with all tobacco flavors, it is strongly recommended to give you an amazing experience to get away with all other low key products you consume.

  • Sweet taste

According to taste, it includes dried hazelnut and coffee hints. A total of 11 ml accounts for 3% alcohol in a single serving.

  • Highly concentrated

The concentrated flavors that are included in the formation are mainly: diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, acetoin. They have been marked as strengthening flavors for making it concentrated to the fullest.

  • Pleasing Aroma

The ultimate steeping you have to provide is of 3 to 6 weeks. The aroma it provides, not only soothes the brain but it gives an immense pleasure of euphoria.

It has been marked as a quality product that will allow you to make a very satisfying tobacco experience. Concentrated Flavors boosts up your smoking experience with the base of alcohol to make it scented and tempting at the same time.

Due to personal preferences, tastes and mixing styles, we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for flavoring.  All flavoring purchases are final.

Reviews of SC-Parliament Tobacco Super Concentrated Flavor
Review by scott ballenger
Super flavor,none of that burnt chocolate taste that other tobacco flavors have favorite for two years now....
scott ballenger (Posted on Jan 27, 2017)
Review by Ruth Alvarado
The flavor is fantastic. Closest to a cigarette.
Ruth Alvarado (Posted on Oct 05, 2016)
Review by Robert Hea
Love this flavor, hard to describe it, but easy ADV.
I sure can burn through this one fast...
Robert Hea (Posted on Apr 04, 2016)
Review by paul raudenbush
Buy a bottle or 2 just don't get greedy , save me some...
paul raudenbush (Posted on Jul 05, 2015)
Review by Jessica Barum
So far, this is the closest flavoring I've tried that's like a legit cigarette. For me, this has no perfumey, weird spicy or metallic flavor. It's just perfect. I mix at 2% for these flavorings, even though it recommends 2.5. (I don't use nicotine and I have pretty strong senses) I've been told the only difference between this and the real cig is that the real cig has an ashy note that this does not.
Jessica Barum (Posted on Jul 01, 2015)
Review by Myriam Lozano
Pretty real and strong. If you are looking for something real, this is it... I also would recommend to try "Real Cig" and "Virginia Flue" ... All 3 are our favs when talking about REAL STUFF.
Myriam Lozano (Posted on Feb 15, 2015)
Review by vladimir rakovic
vladimir rakovic (Posted on Feb 09, 2015)
Review by Richard Grover
Anyone looking for that cigarette flavor your search is over. This is as close to a cigarette flavor I have found
Richard Grover (Posted on Aug 30, 2014)
Review by Carlton Meredith
My new addiction! YUMMY! Nutty tobacco, that just hits all the right spots! Add a couple drops EM to taste= Even better!
So far I have loved all of these super concentrated tobacco flavors, just when I was thinking that I would never find that great tobacco taste I know (and loved to smoke- EEk!) I find you guys! Thanks VZ!
Carlton Meredith (Posted on Jul 02, 2014)
Review by MrBeo
Wonderful Tobacco Agian Vz! This is nothing like what I was thinking it could be - Much better,,,and I mean MUCH better here. This is a 555 type flavor that is nutty with some mild coffee taste and it is FLIPPING GREAT! I will put this up there with my all time Favorites and will never go without it EVER so Get this and Thank me later...
MrBeo (Posted on Jun 28, 2014)
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