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SC-Dunhill Super Concentrated Flavor

SC-Dunhill Super Concentrated Flavor

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Dunhill Super Concentrated Flavor


Dunhill Super Concentrated Flavor

This is an alcohol based flavoring and is extremely concentrated.  Recommended percentage for DIY is 2.5%. 

5ml of flavoring will make 200ml of e-liquid; 1ml of flavoring will make 40ml of e-liquid.

Due to personal preferences, tastes and mixing styles, we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for flavoring.  All flavoring purchases are final.

Reviews of SC-Dunhill Super Concentrated Flavor
Review by Milos Lero
One of my favorites. Smooth, creamy mouth feel. Hints of hazelnut, vanilla and chocolate. I use 2.5% in a 50/50 mix and 3.5% in 30/70. It is amazing. Smells great from the bottle, and vapor leaves a nice scent.
Milos Lero (Posted on Apr 20, 2017)
Review by Penni Malin
DH has been using this flavoring for a couple years now. he loves it and even the smell is really nice.
Penni Malin (Posted on Feb 20, 2017)
Review by John Todd
A smooth and sweet tobacco vape. Is it slightly mentholated? I don't like menthol, but the menthol in this is the perfect amount to "open up" the other flavors without tasting any menthol.

This is now one of my all day vapes.
Would buy again.
John Todd (Posted on Jan 26, 2017)
Review by Aaron Gaunt
just an ad on! i ad 2 drops honey sc and 2 drops menthol sc! on top of around 15 to 20 drops dh sc in 20ml 8to10mg juice steep for 1to2 wks and daaaaaaamb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya gotta try it! to good for words!!!!!!!!!!
Aaron Gaunt (Posted on Oct 12, 2016)
Review by Aaron Gaunt
at 3%
just bloody yummy!!
Aaron Gaunt (Posted on Jul 08, 2016)
Review by Larry
Wonderful - opened the box and smelled Dunhill - and it was inside a ziplock. Might want to get a glass bottle to transfer this too. I got 30ml and its an LDPE plastic bottle and the aroma comes through. The smaller bottles look like PET plastic which should permeate less.

Mixed it at 2.5% and - right away - definitely Dunhill notes but the underlying tobacco was a bit weak. I upped it to 4% and it was too strong - diluted it to 3.33% and it seemed about right. Its been 11 days now and the tobacco tastes seem all filled out - probably 3% would have been plenty.

Also nice with a bit of mocha, also nice with some cream vanilla and raspberry

Larry (Posted on Jul 02, 2016)
Review by vladimir zoric
until I started to buy the vaping zone, I thought I'd never find a flavor that has similarities with tobacco, here I discovered a lot of taste that I was looking for one of them and certainly my most favorite is dunhil, will not be mistaken with the aroma. I put in my mix 2.5% flavoring
vladimir zoric (Posted on Jan 31, 2016)
Review by Scott
Finding a decent tobacco flavor to vape straight up is no simple task. I have wasted a ton of money searching for one. That search is over Highly recommended
Scott (Posted on Jan 29, 2016)
Review by steve mitchell
This one is the one ..keep comeing back try that n this this one is one I really like mix it with 15 % seven stars and 15% deserd ship 70 dunhill Vape...or mix it alone but its my main base for any blend. You try...don't Waite or hesitate hurry this is he one they stay out of, as in sold just might get the last bottle ....
steve mitchell (Posted on Dec 27, 2015)
Review by FluoridiousElder
I've been enjoying Dunhill 80/[email protected]% for two months in my Vamo/protank set up. ADV-satisfying and smooth pipe tobacco flavor. 50ml batches weekly. Later tater.
FluoridiousElder (Posted on Aug 27, 2015)
Review by hroje safran
2 good 2 b true. My god,2,5 % in 10 ml and ready to take off.
Taste is Incredible. A drop of menthe and I'm in heaven, busy all day. Again, VZ, very good job. Thanx
hroje safran (Posted on Jun 21, 2015)
Review by David Emanuel
Someone else said it- this is simply the best!!
Great flavor and vapor production as I mix with 100%VG.
I started out at the recommended 2.5% but currently use 5%
I like to mix it at that concentration with 36mg/ml nic juice for my eRolls
I mix it at a little less concentration for my 18mg/mil Reo vape juice!!
I have ordered the small bottle, then the next biggest size and now I am reordering again but at the 30ml size. I just seem to go through it quite fast. I do like to mix it a bit sometimes with the Flue Cured... but it's great on it's own. With the eRoll, the flavor really mimics a great cigarette!!
David Emanuel (Posted on Apr 28, 2015)
Review by dunhill
That is simply the best :))
dunhill (Posted on Apr 24, 2015)
Review by CAVape
Took the advice of other reviews on this one, and I'm glad I did. An excellent vape, even just after mixing. Medium tobacco flavor with subtle hints of other flavors. Smooth, delicious and not sweet or fruity! Never knew cigars tasted this good; always thought of them as harsh and smelly. guess i was wrong.
CAVape (Posted on Feb 25, 2015)
Review by Connie Wheeler
Honestly, this is one of the most pleasant tobacco vapes I've ever tried.
I mixed mine at 3% in 100% VG 6mg nic
The flavors in it are so subtle it's hard to detect any one flavor. It's just a perfect blend and very smooth.
I don't get a strong cigar or pipe tobacco reference. I think this would be a perfect choice for those looking for the cig replacement without the nasty tastes that go along with cigs, nor the overly strong and fake coffee or chocolate or nutty undertones of cig replacement juices I've tried before. It truly satisfies the urge for a cig.
I vape it using Smoktech 1.7 ohm cartomizers and/or carto/tanks.
Connie Wheeler (Posted on Dec 16, 2014)
Review by extraunordinary
I definitely get the chocolate undertone, but there is a very nice tobacco flavor in here too. The chocolate is not strong, and blends nicely with the tobacco. I mix all of these tobacs at 5%, and they really benefit from long steep times.
extraunordinary (Posted on Nov 16, 2014)
Review by BlackSnake
I honestly have no idea what Dunhill is supposed to taste like.

All I can say is WOW, I LOVE this flavor. Great rich tobacco flavor with a hint of vanilla and maybe some good bourbon.

This is definitely an all day vape for me.
BlackSnake (Posted on Sep 01, 2014)
Review by Carlton Meredith
One of my new favorites, and a must have for me!
Great cigar flavor, with a spicy sweetness that is just right. 2.5% is perfect!
These concentrated flavors are so easy!
Carlton Meredith (Posted on May 29, 2014)
Review by MrBeo
This one Blasted me out of my chair it was so good. mixed it and was not expecting too much at first but Wow what a great flavor tobacco! To me its a nutty tobacco with cream, chocolate and a hint of vanilla. Something you gotta try and will be a Favorite for sure!!!
MrBeo (Posted on May 01, 2014)
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