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SC-Djarum Super Concentrated Flavor

SC-Djarum Super Concentrated Flavor

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Djarum Super Concentrated Flavor


Djarum Super Concentrated Flavor

This is an alcohol based flavoring and is extremely concentrated.  Recommended percentage for DIY is 2.5%. 

5ml of flavoring will make 200ml of e-liquid; 1ml of flavoring will make 40ml of e-liquid.

Due to personal preferences, tastes and mixing styles, we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for flavoring.  All flavoring purchases are final.

Reviews of SC-Djarum Super Concentrated Flavor
Review by Johntodd
An excellent Djarum flavor.

But it reeeeeaallly needs a steep. It's first two weeks it was harsh enough to cause me some minor respiratory irritation.

But guess what? After 1 month, all that was gone. All that was left was a very pleasant, smooth, sweet clove-tobacco flavor. I really like it now. It is a sweet vape, and the ratio of clove:tobacco is just right.

Mixes well with others. Would buy again.
Johntodd (Posted on Sep 07, 2015)
Review by esteband
I REALLY like this flavor. It's not an exact replica of a clove cigarette, but you do get some smoke flavor. To me, it tastes a lot like cream soda (maybe even egg-nog?) with a mild spicy clove in the background. The clove doesn't knock you out, but it's definitely there. Very nice.
esteband (Posted on Aug 10, 2015)
Review by MrBeo
I make one of my Favorite mixes from this Djarum! On its own its a Spearment-ish type of tobacco flavor as I think of the gum just not a strong as the Gum and this leaves a nice feeling in you mouth. To spice up other tobacco's I add just a couple drops of this and bam - ReFreshing!!! This and Vanilla is NICE :) share what you mix with it I would love to try some more things!
MrBeo (Posted on Sep 06, 2014)
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