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SC-Desert Ship Super Concentrated Flavor

SC-Desert Ship Super Concentrated Flavor

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Desert Ship Super Concentrated Flavor


Desert Ship Super Concentrated Flavor

This is an alcohol based flavoring and is extremely concentrated.  Recommended percentage for DIY is 2.5%. 

5ml of flavoring will make 200ml of e-liquid; 1ml of flavoring will make 40ml of e-liquid.

Due to personal preferences, tastes and mixing styles, we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for flavoring.  All flavoring purchases are final.

Reviews of SC-Desert Ship Super Concentrated Flavor
Review by Låtta Hurtig
Good DesertShip blended @3% 50/50 PG/VG. Good tobacco and just right sweetness. I like my juices strong and this was spot on but I wouldn´t go higher than 3%.
Låtta Hurtig (Posted on Dec 29, 2015)
Review by vaprvixn
It's an okay desert ship. Not extremely floral, a slight nutty hint to it, and a dash of dry tobacco. Not my favorite desert ship version, but it is different and usable. It really needs to be blended with other tobaccos to add some level of richness to it, because by itself it is rather bland.
vaprvixn (Posted on Jun 12, 2015)
Review by Tim K.
First purchase from VZ and I couldn't be happier!

Been vaping for a few weeks now and I tried Dekang's Desert Ship, it was just OK. VZ's stuff is awesome! Nice sweet and spicy flavor. Reminds me of chewing tobacco. Was smoking Camel Crush analogs, so I'm gonna try adding peppermint and menthol.

Also going to try it with some peach and then cherry. Should be good.

Highly recommended!
Tim K. (Posted on May 19, 2015)
Review by Eddie M.
Very good but light flavor at 2.5%. I mix at 3.5% in 70% PG/30% VG with 6 mg nicotine, it was much strong for me. The flavor is amazing.
Eddie M. (Posted on Apr 28, 2015)
Review by Myriam Lozano
Nice but light flavor; we considered 2.5% too soft so we used 3% and got better.
We recommend this one for those who prefer cigs like "Vantage" or "Marlboro Light"
Myriam Lozano (Posted on Feb 15, 2015)
Review by edsia krastof
WOW!! My search is over. This is the first flavor that took me back to 'those days' & I love it. Spot on with a touch of sweet & spice - a definite winner. I added my mandatory shot of menthol & I'm one happy camper. Also want to add that this was my first purchase from Vaping Zone & I'm REALLY impressed. My order must have been delivered via 'drone', it was that quick. A fantastic transaction in every respect!
edsia krastof (Posted on Jan 28, 2015)
Review by hanan vaknin
the best I've tasted
hanan vaknin (Posted on Jan 12, 2015)
Review by Connie Wheeler
Nice hearty tobacco with mild spicy notes. Feels and tastes very realistic to a regular cigarette. I mix at 3% in 100% VG. This is also a great tobacco to mix with other flavors. I like to mix it with 1:1 with some fruit vape I've mixed up. It's a strong enough tobacco to still come through the fruit flavor. You get the best of both.
Connie Wheeler (Posted on Dec 21, 2014)
Review by Craig Block
A nice stout tobacco, one of my favorites.
Craig Block (Posted on Nov 10, 2014)
Review by ricardo rodriguez sanchez
OMG !!!!!
ATTENTION! Highly recommended, excellent service, fine attentions. the product is AMAZING VapingZone is FAST SAFE AND RELIABLE, VERY GOOD SERVICE and concentrated flavor is incredible, the best I've tried
tryied flavors: Lorann, flavorart, flavorwest, Chinese, but none like this
VapingZone is the best! CONGRATULATIONS

Also recommend using a mod with 7V (two 3.7V batteries) (the direct correinte without PCB) and a SINGLE coil at 4 ohms (the batteries last a long time)
the best vapor, best taste and the best shot,
ricardo rodriguez sanchez (Posted on Sep 01, 2014)
Review by Lstav2
If you like Dekang Desert Ship (and I do) you'll like this - it tastes just the same. Spicy & slightly sweet. Provides a good throat & "nose" hit.
Lstav2 (Posted on Aug 19, 2014)
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