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SC-Cream Super Concentrated Flavor

SC-Cream Super Concentrated Flavor

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Cream Super Concentrated Flavor

This flavor contains Diacetyl.


Cream Super Concentrated Flavor

This is an alcohol based flavoring and is extremely concentrated.  Recommended percentage for DIY is 2.5%

This flavor contains Diacetyl

5ml of flavoring will make 200ml of e-liquid; 1ml of flavoring will make 40ml of e-liquid.

Due to personal preferences, tastes and mixing styles, we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for flavoring.  All flavoring purchases are final.

Reviews of SC-Cream Super Concentrated Flavor
Review by Adam Kuhar
Great addition to dessert, tobacco and fruit flavors. Better mixed with something than on its own but that seems to be the nature of a flavor such as this.
Adam Kuhar (Posted on Oct 12, 2016)
Review by Larry
Really is that good - use it in most of my recipes - just 1-3% is all you need and it doesn't take days to be ready - its good right away and nearly complete in 12 hours.
Larry (Posted on Jul 02, 2016)
Review by K. Mitchem
It really is hard to find anything else to add on top of all the other reviews. I have tried every cream I've ran across, which are quite a few, and this one has everything each of those seemed to lack. It gives that rich and creamy depth that I've been searching for, with a light touch of sweet. Give it a few days to steep to reach its full potential. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this one.
K. Mitchem (Posted on Feb 28, 2016)
Review by Lisa Colvin
Can't really add anything to what others have. Great Cream flavoring. Goes well with any and everything....great with fruits, sweets and even tobacco. I just placed another order for another bottle....seems like I'm adding a bit of this to just about everything I make. This is REALLY great with 555, caramel, and a bit of sweet.
Lisa Colvin (Posted on Dec 27, 2015)
Review by Ole Harald Skogen
Rounds off any taste. Just lovely.
Ole Harald Skogen (Posted on Jun 04, 2015)
Review by Ali Zafar
This cream is perfect to compliment an assortment of flavors. Fruits like strawberry, wild berries, orange, peach, and cherry all taste great with a touch of cream. It also goes well with chocolate flavors as well as the coffee and cappuccino flavors. You can even use it with tobacco like if you are making an RY4 blend, this goes beautifully with caramel. I recently made a mix of cream, toffee, and turkish tobacco and it was just ridiculously tasty. I personally use it at 2%-3% if I am making an orange dreamsicle or strawberries and cream type of flavor.
Ali Zafar (Posted on May 24, 2015)
Review by Viking
At 1% this is a welcome addition to darn near anything you vape. I love it with VZ Black & Mild - 'course, as a kid I used to lust after Reddi Wip straight from the can !! :-)
Viking (Posted on Jan 27, 2015)
Review by searching4answers
Love it! This is great at different strengths to give a little bit of creaminess and mouthfeel to a LOT of heavy creaminess and volume! It doesn't taste very sweet to me, so I make a batch with EM sweetener and use as cream & sugar in my coffee and cappucino vapes! It can be added to anything to impart a smooth, dairy, buttery kind of taste. Endless possibilities with this one!
searching4answers (Posted on Nov 28, 2014)
Review by Helen Tagg
As I wrote previously, I did try it at 2% and not only is it delicious, it gets better with seeping. I left it for quite a few days and found it to be creamier, although not overpowering, ni chemical at all. It's a very good cream, that is one of my favourites, among many I,ve tried. Good right away, but really gains something with time. Doesn't steal a single point on its 5 stars, IMHO.
Helen Tagg (Posted on Nov 08, 2014)
Review by Helen Tagg
Smooth, creamy, I added it to Caramel, Coconut and Real Cig, and it gave me a super slightly sweet, RY4ish taste. Only 1% to make a delicious difference. I'll try it with fruit, or chocolate, at maybea slightly higher % and write back. It's a nice non artificial creamy taste. Good one for me.
Helen Tagg (Posted on Oct 24, 2014)
Review by deaner
This one is a must have. To me it has a buttery flavor (that I wasn't expecting) that I love. Tastes like buttery icing. I use it with pretty much everything, and a little goes a long way.
deaner (Posted on Sep 29, 2014)
Review by Leon
Add a little of this to your favorite fruit flavor and it will make your toenails curl! Sweet, creamy, and smooth. Don't overdo it, though, it's powerful. You don't need much to get that wonderful fruit and cream flavor.

It's okay on it's own, but it really best in mixes, and that's easy to do, even for me!
Leon (Posted on Sep 22, 2014)
Review by BlueSnake
The reviews of this cream flavor are spot on. It can be mixed with almost anything. Adds a slightly sweet smoothness.

It is great added to the B & M and Peach.

I will be adding this to lots of my mixes.
BlueSnake (Posted on Sep 01, 2014)
Review by stashbldr
Love this cream, can't live without it! I add 1% of it to my many of my other mixes (including my caramel and my VZ B+M and it gives it the exact creamy taste I love!
stashbldr (Posted on Jun 28, 2014)
Review by MrBeo
OOOOoo Now that is Cream! I have tried all the other TOP branded creams on the market and this one puts them all to shame. Depth and Volume is right and I just made the best Blackberry, Cream & Vanilla Juice ever. This is a MUST HAVE concentrate for your mixing pleasures...
MrBeo (Posted on Apr 12, 2014)
Review by DIY Vaper
This is one of the best creams that I have ever tried. It really gives depth and volume to many of my mixes. This is a flavor that I will be using a lot.
DIY Vaper (Posted on Apr 10, 2014)
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