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SC-Blueberry Super Concentrated Flavor

SC-Blueberry Super Concentrated Flavor

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Blueberry Super Concentrated Flavor


Blueberry Super Concentrated Flavor

This is an alcohol based flavoring and is extremely concentrated.  Recommended percentage for DIY is 2.5%. 

5ml of flavoring will make 200ml of e-liquid; 1ml of flavoring will make 40ml of e-liquid.

Due to personal preferences, tastes and mixing styles, we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for flavoring.  All flavoring purchases are final.

Reviews of SC-Blueberry Super Concentrated Flavor
This flavoring is sweet. When you add it to your favorite e-liquid, be careful and only start out with a drop or two until you see how strong it is. I like it very much.
KEVIN ODONNELL (Posted on Sep 26, 2017)
Review by DEB LAING
Been using this for a couple years now...It's a very good, deep BB flavor goes well in my Kona Coffee...
DEB LAING (Posted on Mar 24, 2017)
Review by Rocktownvapor
Not a true blueberry flavor but wonderful anyway. Great smell and better flavor. Very dominant. 2 drops added to 10 drops apricot is a special treat.
Rocktownvapor (Posted on Dec 21, 2016)
Review by Todd W.
I started out with a 5% mix as Franklin suggested, but the brew had a very strong scent. So I ended up cutting it back to the recomended 2.5% before I started tooting on it and let it steep for a month.

2.5% was a better and stronger flavor than my regular consentrate at 20% I've previosly made. I have been vaping on my 2.5% for weeks now, and I believe I will end up bumping it back up to 5% next time. I guess that makes me a flavor hog. But only vaping for the flavor and habit now, I'm offf the nicotine.

Start out with 2.5% and increase it if needed. I love this flavor, and am looking forward to trying my other SC flavor which are steeping right now.
Todd W. (Posted on Apr 27, 2016)
Review by Jess d
this is a very good blueberry concentrate. I combined 10 ml of this, 5 ml of the raspberry and a touch of sour to 300 ml of uunflavored vg. Great as a base. Used for 6 months!
Jess d (Posted on Feb 17, 2016)
Review by Jessica Durso
Very good solid concentrate. I got just a small bottle of this, raspberry super concentrate, and 256 ml of unflavored 6 mg VG liquid. These combined perfectly and the juice lasted more than 6 months as my sstandard go to vape. Amazing pricing here.
Jessica Durso (Posted on Feb 08, 2016)
Review by franklin kircher
great blueberry. I mixed at 5% and you definitely have to let it steep for about a month so make a lot. well worth the wait. I'm a strong flavor vapor by the way.
franklin kircher (Posted on Nov 24, 2015)
Review by JJ1977
BNL likes it so this is one of those flavors i do for him
JJ1977 (Posted on Oct 19, 2015)
Review by hroje safran
and the oscar goes to......BLUEBERRY!! My wife says so, I agree :)
hroje safran (Posted on May 13, 2015)
Review by Elias Gourvelos
This stuff is over powering.....

I love it

I initially mixed it at 50/50 PG/VG and low nic 4mg -6mg and 2% but found it was way too strong.

After the 30ml bottle I mixed went down to 25ml I added 5ml more VG to the mix and that hit the spot....

I didnt try this in many devices except silica wick nova and carto single coil tank, it was no good in the nova as the juice was too thick so I added more PG and a touch more flavor to bring it back and it worked fine at 2% roughly (sorry wasnt accurate on the mix for that)

To put it simply this is the sort of flavor that can be mixed into straight VG and the flavor will still shine through

It is very candy like blueberry, nothing like real blueberries which I love for breakfast often.

People around you dont say oh what flavor is that, they say mmmm blueberry....

heck I vaped so much at the office that people said I smelt like a candy store...

Enjoy it, it's nice...

Elias Gourvelos (Posted on Mar 13, 2015)
Review by David Highbaugh
Very strong blueberry candy flavor... add a drop at a time, GREAT blender!
David Highbaugh (Posted on Jul 29, 2014)
Review by paul raudenbush
Very strong and concentrated,makes a nice clean vape.
This is good,I had a 10ml bottle of e juice that I made with another brand of lemon and lime sweetened with ethyl maltos..I added one drop of this VZ blueberry and wow,great candy flavor.And I'm a tobacco vaperor..
It's not a blueberry flavor like you'll find in muffins or pancakes..The flavor is Identical to the dark red Raspberry lifesaver IMHO.
paul raudenbush (Posted on Jul 17, 2014)
Review by Johnny Caldwell
My buddies and I luv this flav! I mix it up @ 2.5% with one drop lemon juice per 3ml.

Johnny Caldwell (Posted on Jun 11, 2014)
Review by baddison76
tasty blueberry fruit flavor maybe better mixed at 2% for pg mixes. good stand alone flavor and seems like great in recipes as well
baddison76 (Posted on Apr 08, 2014)
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