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eGo-CE4+ Clearomizer 2.2 ohm, Single Pc

eGo-CE4+ Clearomizer 2.2 ohm, Single Pc

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Colored eGo-CE4+ Clearomizer 2.2 ohm, Single Pc

Huge Vapor and Flavor
This clearomizer holds approximately 1.6ml of liquid.The clearomizer produces large amounts of vapor and has a very clean long lasting taste.


Colored eGo-CE4+ Clearomizer 2.2 ohm, Single Pc
Huge Vapor and Flavor
This clearomizer holds approximately 1.6ml of liquid. 
The clearomizer produces large amounts of vapor and has a very clean long lasting taste.

The CE4 clearomizer tank is a disposable top fill atomizer tank that is convenient and easy to use. This basic coil tank is great for those people that want great flavor and performance without the need to replace coil-units, simply discard after a few weeks of use and replace with a new tank and tank liquid. This clearomizer is an affordable and excellent choice for beginning vapers and those that may want to sample new e-liquids without tainting their normal e-cig tanks.
Instructions for easy use: 

1. Unscrew black tip

2. Allow e-liquid to slowly roll down the side wall of the tank

3. Return black tip to its original position

4. Add a couple of drops through the black tip on top of the coil wick

5. Let it soak 10 to 15 minutes prior to use

Sorry, but there is no warranty or replacement on atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers or tanks.
E-liquid must be filled properly and maintained to avoid a burnt taste.

Customer Reviews
Review by Chirs
These are "Single Use" Tanks!!!! There is no way to replace the heads, as the bottom of the tanks are sealed. Also, you will NEVER get a consistant vape. The rubber top cap applies WAAAY too much pressure on the wicks essentially pinching off the liquid supply.
Chirs (Posted on Jun 19, 2016)
Review by Susan Sellers
Lasts a long time n never had any problems
Susan Sellers (Posted on Nov 03, 2013)
Review by Anthony Cap
Very new but can you fill with one e liquid and say you don't like it then fill it with something you do enjoy
Anthony Cap (Posted on Aug 20, 2013)
Review by Ben Anderson
Being new to the whole vaporing (started 2/8/20130) I purchased a eGo-CE4 Passthrough 1000 mAh with the Clearomizer 2.2 ohm. starter kit. Being new I really have nothing to compare with, but I do get a lot of vapor. I don’t have any of the leaking issues some have experienced. I do have a concern with what a normal life span is for the coil/Clearomizer. My kit came with two batteries and two Clearomizers. The first one died after 15 days the second one after 31 days from purchase. If you figure in alternating between the two daily which I do it cuts down to 7 1/2 days and 15 1/2 days for each of the units. ( I ordered two more when the first on died) so I was still able to alternate somewhat between two units.

I have come to the understanding that vaporing is an on going investment and the savings become greater the longer you keep at it. It is clear that there is a reason there are no returns on these units and those new to vaping should view it as a maintenance issue. Sometimes its 15 days, a month or two months. My suggestion is to buy different color Clearomizers and make note when you start using them and how often, and always have a spare.
Ben Anderson (Posted on Mar 12, 2013)
Review by Polar
VERY HEAVY Vapor here.....these last me a little over 2 months without cleaning or anything, they do tend to start breaking at the bottom after the 2 month period or if you drop them on a carpet more than once or twice. Also if you screw and unscrew them too much they will become very unstable at the bottom and start to get off centered at the top. VERY good product for the price and distance it will go.
Polar (Posted on Feb 09, 2013)
Review by Kay Woodward
I really like these but they tend to break at bottom and leak
Kay Woodward (Posted on Dec 01, 2012)
Review by David Fleck
These clearomizers are supposed to be disposable but if you clean them with Vodka and let dry 1 time a week they can last for a long time. On average they last me 3 months and I am a heavy vapor. I have rebuildable Vi Vi Nova and a rebuildable ce5 but these are by far my favorite. I always get a lot of vapor and the throat hit that I like. I use a VV ego as my battery and I always leave my battery on the middle setting so it lasts all day without having to charge it. You can bet that I will be buying more of these little gems.
David Fleck (Posted on Sep 12, 2012)
Review by Richard Jordan
So happy VZ have these in different colors now. I like being able to have different colors for different juices. I gotta say, the VZ CE4+ have a much better draw than the others and the vapor out put is freaking incredible consistantly. *high five* to Vaping Zone!
Richard Jordan (Posted on Jun 21, 2012)