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120 ml of 100 MG Flavorless USP Pure Nicotine Liquid

120 ml of 100 MG Flavorless USP Pure Nicotine Liquid

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120 Ml Of 100 Mg Flavorless USP Nicotine Liquid

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120 ml of 100 mg Flavorless USP Nicotine Liquid

10.0% or 100mg USP Grade Nicotine 99.9% Pure.

Mixed with the highest quality Propylene Glycol USP Grade Kosher Certified or Vegetable Glycerin USP Grade Kosher Certified.

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Nicotine purchases are final.

There are no refunds, exchanges or returns on Nicotine products.

Customer Reviews
Review by Stephen Clement
Excellent nic liquid! Crystal clear really. VZ knows how to deliver :) Thanks VZ you rock!
Again, this is really the best nic liquid I've ever run across. It does not have that harsh peppery flavor many do. Its the difference between drinking box wine or $200 bottle of something special.
Stephen Clement (Posted on Jun 12, 2014)
Review by Tanya Craig
about to order the 2nd bottle from here this is the best stuff around!!!!!
Tanya Craig (Posted on May 14, 2014)
Review by Tove Karin Thomassen
good service, and very good product
Tove Karin Thomassen (Posted on May 14, 2014)
Review by D.I.Y. Vapor
I purchased the VG Base of this stuff and it was.....out of this world. I've used other VG Nic bases before, but this was so clear and clean! I totally have to stock up on this! Amazing product!
D.I.Y. Vapor (Posted on Apr 25, 2014)
Review by Tove Karin Thomassen
great customer service!!
Tove Karin Thomassen (Posted on Apr 11, 2014)
Review by AhmedA
very good fast delivery Thank you so much
AhmedA (Posted on Apr 03, 2014)
Review by Tove Karin Thomassen
The Best !!!
Tove Karin Thomassen (Posted on Mar 19, 2014)
Review by pool pump repair guy
good stuff. great customer service. as a newbie, I screwed up the order and the had me fixed right up and had it shipped right away FAST SHIPPING !! well done vapingzone ! will buy again .. thanks Jay
PS remember to SELECT BASE =PG or VG when adding to cart.
pool pump repair guy (Posted on Feb 05, 2014)
Review by simon
i bought this in a VG base
seems to be exactly what it says it is...
very happy with this product and with it being 100mg, it's easy to calculate the final strength desired.
impossible to buy in France or all Europe but it came anyway :)
prompt delivery, well packaged.
Extreme caution is required when using this! wear gloves, wash any spills and yourself as it is absorbed through skin contact. though i'm sure you all know this :)
simon (Posted on Jan 06, 2014)
Review by Ole
Clear, tasteless and odorless.
Feels so much cleaner than what ive received from other vendors.
Im never buying anywhere else again.
Ole (Posted on May 03, 2013)
Review by Helen Tagg
This is very good Nic Base. It is VIYAL to dilute it to around a maximum of 36mg/ml, less normally to use it to Vape. But it's odorless, tasteless, just as it should be.
Helen Tagg (Posted on Apr 05, 2013)
excelent base ..strong and clean taste.....
i found my base...
PANAGIOTIS KANTZOURAS (Posted on Apr 01, 2013)
Review by david h
Just got done testing this product with the test kit from eliquidtest.com. result: 104.25 mg with a margin of error +/- 4... So considering my CAREFUL test results, I'd have to say the product is exactly what you pay for! Also, I have to say I like there is no noticeable flavor. I'll be back for more!
david h (Posted on Mar 06, 2013)
Review by Louis
The best I have used and My wife and I have used a number of them
Louis (Posted on Jan 24, 2013)
Review by AzPlumber
100mg in VG - This is by far the cleanest nic base I have seen and/or used. I had been using a highly regarded vendor for my nicotine base and was very happy with the quality, until I tried Vz's nicotine. Vz's Nicotine Liquid is without a doubt in a class of it's own. Mixed unflavored at 24mg it is colorless, odorless and tasteless, a DIY's best friend for sure.
AzPlumber (Posted on Apr 05, 2012)
Review by Jimi D
I have had numerous nic. bases in the past. This nic truly stands out.

My flavors pop through! Crystal clear! Very clean nic delivery, that satisfies my needs. No headaches, which I get from other nic bases in the past, due to the impurites. This nic is 99.9% pure, which it doesn't get any better than that.

Do yourself a favor!! Vape Cleaner Nic!!!
Jimi D (Posted on Mar 31, 2012)
Review by Richard Grover
This some of if not the best nic out there. Clean....crisp pure nic
Richard Grover (Posted on Mar 28, 2012)
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