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VZ E-Smart 420mah 510 E-Cig Kit - Stainless

List price: $59.95

Sale price: $29.95

Kanger T4 510 Clearomizer 1ml 2.2ohm - Single Pc

Sale price: $2.99

510 USB Charger With Cable - 200ma

510 USB Charger With Cable - 200ma

List price: $7.99

Sale price: $5.99

510 USB Charger

510 USB Charger

List price: $6.99

Sale price: $4.99

If you are tired of smoking and tired of the effect it has on your health, switch to an e-cigarette.  Vaping is a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes and is much easier and less expensive.

Smoking cigarettes has become more and more expensive over the past several years and consumes a good portion of your income.  Switch to an e-cigarette starter kit with available accessories that you can get for the best deals around at VZ.  With VZ’s vapor cigarettes and e-cig starter kits, you will get the best offers available and be able to choose from a wide variety of products, e-liquid flavors and other vaping accessories.